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Quite active, so I like to think. Current fandoms are Food Fantasy and Hetalia. Does that go well together or what? Oh! And Dragalia Lost. I am working on a lot of songfics and little stories that really are for my enjoyment (because I can never find what I'm looking for lol) but I'm so nervous to even post them, so sorry, I am having a bit of trouble to gather the courage to post, but I think I'm getting there. Plus, I'm super unorganized and work on alot at the same time so nothing is ever finished (but I'm trying).

I have alot of ships, though it seems my OTP is AmeCan (the day I put it all together I was really disappointed with myself).

Currently updating/Multichapter

(Something is on the way I swear)

Completed Oneshots/Short Stories

Macy Day Parade


Melty Land Nightmare

Aiming at the World

Completed Multichapter Stories

Will revise when I'm not lazy

A Way Back

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