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Welcome to my House

I am Ashooka. I spend an unhealthy amount of time reading fanfiction and i totally blame my Waifu, who conincidentally is also my beta, for it. I have lots of series and books and whatnot which i like.

So far my plan is only to write stories for Fairy Tail. Mind you that english is not my native language and that i am mostly self-taught. I still try my best to provide good quality for you guys.

Currently I am waaaay to shy to write smut, but eventually i will. I think anyways.

I will probably write Lucy-centric stories mainly. She is just so universally shipable. My fav has to be Lalu though. I also fully intend to help out the severe lack of yuri fics around here. I mean, LucyxMira? Come on! Or even better? You know all those fics where Lisanna and Lucy are pitted against each other cause of Natsu and he acts like a total ass? (Not saying i don't enjoy those occasionally, cause i do). I suggest: LisannaxLucy and Natsu gets Blue balls!

I probably won't write a lot of NaLu since there is not really a lack of those. I like it in canon but this is fanfiction world so it would be a shame to limit oneself to only one coupling. Most likely i will not write ANY GaLu. Not that i don't think they would be cute, but because i really love Gajevy and see Gajeel and Lucy as bros. I do read them sometimes though, but probably not gonna write.

Other than that i want to apologize, i am not a very reliable person and even though so far i managed a decent upload schedule, i doubt it's gonna stay that way.

What else could i ramble about? Oh well, my profile pic is one of my cats. Her name is Baila. Isn't she cute? Even if she is a real bitch sometimes. But i love her. I guess if one of you has a request for me to write i'll think about it? I can't only write on one story alone anyways, i would end up bored. Eventually you'll find a one-shot collection on here and requests would be at home there. :3

Thanks to everyone who follows and favs me and all that. Really makes my cold black heart melt. A little.

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