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Clay Bach PM
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I'm Clay.

Things I like and things and things I hate?

I like writing, reading, music, drawing and pocky, but I hate inconsistency, being strongarmed into doing things, and when people abandon stories but label them a completed.

My dreams for the future?

I want to be a full-time writer at some point, but I would like to be an electrician like my dad too.

As for my hobbies, I have lots of hobbies.

Pottermore Info:

I am a proud Hufflepuff.

My favourite place is Gringotts

My favourite object is a golden snitch.

My favourite magical creature is the Thestral.

My Patronus is a dolphin.

I am the partner of a 14 1/2" holly and unicorn hair wand of surprisingly swishy flexibility.

I am also of the belief that Horace Slughorn is a chair animagus.

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