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Joined Nov '18

Age: 17.

Gender: Male.

Country: Indonesia.

Personality: Quiet and little bit sarcastic.

Favorite authors: Coeur Al'Aran, triscythe59, and ii-Phoenix-ii.

Favorite fanfics:

RWBY Reacts to Attack on Titan(RWBY fanfic by triscythe59)

-One Good Turn Deserves Another(RWBY fanfic by Coeur Al'Aran)

-The Beast of Beacon(RWBY fanfic by Coeur Al'Aran)

-From Fake Dreams(Fate/Stay Night fanfic by Third Fang)

-Power to Strive sequel(AoT fanfics by ii-Phoenix-ii)

Likes: Read fanfic, basketball, study(especially math and English), play video games(Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed), watch anime(AoT, Fate series, Akame ga Kill, Naruto, SAO, Oregairu, and RWBY) and dogs.

Dislikes: Rude and noisy person, ungrateful asshole, bullies, crybaby, and cockroach(I swear it freaks me out when I saw one).

Dreams: Have a normal peaceful life, get a decent job, and find a girlfriend.

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