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Hello, I am Urgazhi... I really dont write any stories (Although I sometimes have ideas for them...) but mostly I read, and comment on the storys... so I might comment on stories, but thats about it... Have a good one! (And if I do ever post anything, just nod your head, and grimice though the bad grammer :-/

Something that bothers me

Sannin - San means Three! - Nin, as in Ninja...

Sennin - Sen means Hermit! - nin, as in Ninja

People really need to stop calling Jiraiya, who is one of the sannin, Jiraiya the Sannin, because Jiraiya is not THREE NINJA, he is a Sennin, a Hermit Ninja dammit!


6 Tips For Avoiding Shitty Fanfiction:

1) Unless you like reading oneshots, set the story filter to All ratings and 5k+ words. Adjust words to however much you prefer. A lot of the shitty stories are short.

2) Check the title, if it says something like High School, Chat, Invitation, something religious, Hearts, Bedtime, Stories, Obsession, Possession, or something that generally sounds stupid, don't even bother reading the summary.

3) Check the author name, if it has the name of a character you hate, something stupid, avoid it.

4) Read the summary, it gives you an idea of the author's writing, plot, main chars, romance. If it gives you an idea of the plot and it sounds stupid, it probably is. Ya don't like it, don't click it.

5) These tips are for people that generally share my views. If it says any boy character with another, yaoi, boy on boy, mxm, mpreg, incest, shounen-ai, keep away, I am NOT kidding. This goes the same for pairings that you hate too. Tips 2-5 take me around 5 seconds to do.

6) If you've gone through all of those, then try reading a bit of the story. Some stories don't say its Yaoi until you go inside. If the writing is stupid and doesn't make sense, hit the Back button or press Backspace.

If you liked this and want to spread the help, copy the stuff above to your profile. Btw, if you didn't see it in up there, this is mostly for this category of people, straight, prefer stories that make sense, hate yaoi, crappy fics, and the lot. I apologize in advance if this has offended anyone.

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