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a guy who loves good fanfics that are believable and well-written.

Mostly read Bnha but I do read some other fandoms such as Oregairu, Gintama, Mass Effect, etc

Things I hate in fanfic:

1. Just taking one character trait and deciding to exaggerate it is just the height of stupidity and incompetence when it comes to understanding a character

Example: Ability king KK. The author for whatever reason hates Uraraka because in their words she failed as the heroine despite the fact BNHA isn't close to an ending of any kind. They decide to make a fic where Izuku keeps donating most of their savings to charity to the point that Uraraka decides to cheat for money. Instead of talking it out considering both characters' personalities, that's what the author did. She's in the job for the money yes but because she wants to get her family out of a near-poverty situation and that isn't an excuse to write her as a gold gigger or slut for money or a cheater because even someone like Uraraka stooping that low sounds unbelievable. More than 300 chapters/4 seasons and that's their 'interpretation'. I get that everyone has their own likes and dislikes towards characters but twisting a character like this can't be justified. they also write it just to facilitate IzuJiro which I find to be an insult to Izuocha and Izujiro. Then there's the fact they use proto-Izuku as the one Ochako cheating with which felt like 2 massive insults to our beloved MC. The audacity of this author and countless others who wrote all of that Kacchako NTR garbage. I also have to touch on the fact that even though she didn't live up to his standard of being an interesting heroine she didn't have any traits that make her a particularly unpleasant person to deal with so what the hell you bastard? Your cheating ex looks like her too much and now you projecting or something?

2. annoying (guest) reviews that criticized/flamed the fic for no clear reason or generally being a dick

Ok if you just gonna be there to tell someone that their stuff is terrible plus cram all kinds of profanity you can in there just to hurt them how about you go do something else that is way more productive and useful because seriously either you are really bored with your time or simply too insecure. Not to mention you did it in the guest mode so it adds cowardly in there too whether you have an official account or not

For example, the author Yojimbra has been constantly harassed by a guest reviewer. All this guest ever do is tell him that his work sucks and also to leave the discord server he frequents. This is cowardice on some of the highest levels

3. Reviews that said things like "You SHOULD have done this way or that way bla bla bla..."

Look, authors sometimes have their own plot/way/stuff they want to write out. whatever you say about the plot you say it as a suggestion or something similar NOT as a demand/ order. Authors have no obligations to serve/write to your needs so if they say no then respect their decision.

4. Writing things that don't make sense in the context of the universe

A shining example would be Shepard harems in Mass Effect. Just...why? If it's crack fic sure or maybe not centered on Shepard but in more serious ones like say he/she still following the path to uniting the galaxy to defeat Reapers you must be really horny or something.

5. No announcement on fic status when it's clear the author is alive

Look I know writers don't have obligation to do this but after 2 years of not updating a fic of yours and the site shows that you're still alive it would be nice if the readers either got a closure( in cases of abandoning the fic) or actual hope that it's not dead (even if it's indefinite status)

BNHA ships (This is my personal opinion so don't go 'why don't you like this' there are ships that are just simply unappealing to me that's that. I do not want to see anyone PM me just to judge my taste because I try not to judge anyone either)
1. Deku/1A girls ships: Izuocha(the best), IzuMomo(also the best), IzuJiro (recommend An insecure violet or Jack and her green muse), IzuMina (like when well written). IzuTsuyu and IzuToru are ships I don't normally read unless they are part of an Izu harem/poly fic I don't know why but yeah

2.Deku/1B girls: IzuIbara(possibly the most innocent ship, I hope to see more because the number of solo IzuIbara fics is really low), IzuKendo( recommend Fist to fist, heart to heart by Yojimbra or the fic M-K ultra written by Akeencarter), IzuReiko( at the moment recommend the fic where I forgot the name written by SonnieCelanna). I only read IzuTokage if it's highly recommended or written by authors that I follow like Akeencarter. IzuKomori(the mushroom girl) is something I have and will never read because I just don't find it appealing

3. BNHA but non Izuku ships: Todomomo, Kamijiro, OjiToru, TokoTsu and TetsuKendo

3. Gintama ships: GinTsu, ZuraIku, OkiKagu

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