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Okay, so below are just a few little tidbits about me, just so you can get to know me a little before going in and reading my stuff. Enjoy!

Some of my favorite passtimes are reading, writing, watching TV and hanging out with my best friends. I especially love to read thriller/suspence/action/adventure/fantasy types of novels (a big combo I know) and the same goes for movies.

Passions of mine also include writing as I wish to have my work published some day. It's a dream of mine to walk into a bookstore and see my published novels and my name on the shelves. I work with a few select genres including history (more specifically war), fantasy and thriller.

I am also a proud veggie (vegetarian for those who don't get my lingo lol) and an animal rights activist. I am strongly against animal abuse/consumption/exploitation of all kinds and do my best to promote my views to others without being too pushy. Everyone has a right to his or her own opinions and it is not my place to tell them that they are wrong and I am right.

Some of my favorite movies include: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Avatar, How to Train Your Dragon, All Quite on the Western Front, Passchendaele, We were Soldiers, Saving Private Ryan, and others.

Right now I'm working on the third installment in my Covenant trilodgy ( Friends by Chance?, Too Much Power can Kill) : " The Next Line" NOTE: I realize that it's been forever since I last updated, but I had lost my muse for the story, graduated from high school and started university, and had lots of personal drama going on, so I really was not in the right frame of mind to continue this story. I want to reassure all my faithful readers that I WILL be finishing this story, I just don't know when. I am sorry for the lateness of it, and totally understand if you've given up on it, but it will be finished some day. Thank you for sticking with it if you have.

In the future I want to write some fanfics for Death Note, Digimon, and Warriors (the cat series by Erin Hunter). No idea when this will happen, but it just might, so if any of you are fans, keep your fingers crossed!

Stories in the works:

The Covenant: The Next Line

Completed stories:

The Covenant: Friends by Chance?

The Covenant: Too Much Power Can Kill

Blood Under the Sun

Pictures for stories:

The Covenant: Friends by Chance?

Present ages:

Tyler Simms: http:///photo/2006_the_covenant_013.html (on the left)

Pogue Perry: http:///pmms/productpagemovies/02/00/2140216

Reid Garwin: http:///acmedia/medias/nmedia/18/63/33/70/18688236.jpg

Caleb Danvers: http:///d/movies/1/0/B/S/N/thecovenantpubd.jpg

Chase Collins: http:///foto/1024-11780.jpg

Taylor Reese: http:///gallery/displayimage.php?album=16&pos=6

Grace Moore: http:///picture.html?g=Actors&pe=sara_paxton&foto=554&act=247&mv=4&pic=109172

Taylor's truck: http:///d/4wheeldrive/1/0/V/P/1/Dragonslayer_92FordF150Flare_RR.jpg

Age 13:

Tyler Simms: http:///harryeimg/harrye_main.jpg

Pogue Perry: http:///inside/screens/features/joshhutcherson.jpg

Reid Garwin: http:///thumb/Actors/barney_clark/barney_clark_1177861820.jpg

Caleb Danvers: http:///Media/Img/2001/JurassicPark3/movie.fs/14?w=700&h=468

The Covenant: Too much power can kill

The boys, Taylor, and Grace look the same

New characters:

Ian McKinley + Erin Ulmer: http:///Media/Img/2006/FinalDestination3/movie.fs/21?w=1400&h=933

Randy Reese: http:///photos/viewer.html?type=21&ref_id=197408&ref_type_id=104&expand=1&picnum=18

Okay so the picture of Carter (another new character) isn't quite working...just look up Ed Westwick and that's who he looks like.

The Covenant: The Next Line

Caleb Danvers: http:///img227/2520/angelinajolie059lsw6.jpg

Pogue Perry: http:///am2/uploads/1/billy_ray_cyrus_5959.jpg

Reid Garwin: http:///files/2007/05/paul-walker-a003.jpg

Tyler Simms: http:///image/0,10114,5028852,00.jpg

Sarah Wenham: http:///people/i/2007/database/newpics/reesewitherspoon300.jpg

Kate Tuney :http:///ffximage/2007/03/29/halle_berry2_narrowweb_300x423,0.jpg

Grace Moore: http:///galleries/actress/kelly-ripa/pictures/kelly-ripa-picture-1.jpg

Taylor Reese: http:///wp-content/uploads/2007/10/buzz-eva-mendes.jpg

Brian Danvers: http:///shared/promoimages/bands/b/boys_like_girls/flipbook_0307/credit_jason_campbell/flipbook/01.jpg (the one in front)

Jonathan Perry: http:///picture.html?g=Actors&pe=gaspard_ulliel&foto=554&act=384&mv=4&pic=105704 (Note: I'm aware that Gaspard's french and that when he speaks English he has an accent. In my story he does not have one.)

Tyson Garwin: http:///thumb/Actors/nathan_halliday/nathan_halliday_1174342820.jpg

Coden Simms: http:///picture.html?g=Actors&pe=jonathan_taylor_thomas&foto=554&act=187&mv=4&pic=119348

Brian's 2003 Lexus SC 430 Hardtop Convertable: http:///pictures/VEHICLE/2006/Lexus/100610397/2006.lexus.sc430.20027795-396x249.jpg

Jonathan's Celica: http:///images/resized/Toyota-celica-Suj5.jpg

Tyson's 2007 Jaguar XK Convertable: http:///cars/images/stories/car_reviews_2006/jaguar-xk-convertible.jpg

Coden's Shelby and West Coast Custom Mustang: http:///gallery/albums/userpics/10062/Shelby-WCC_Mustang_Driver_Front_3-4.jpg

Mason Sanderson: http:///picture.html?g=Actors&pe=corey_sevier&foto=554&act=577&mv=4&pic=69859

Lyle Sanderson: http:///picture.html?g=Actors&pe=garrett_hedlund&foto=554&act=832&mv=4&pic=109696

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