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Name: On here it's Rock Drake. Elsewhere, that's private. Sorry, safety first guys.

Age: I'm between 18 and 30. Exact age is not going to be given

Nationality: American

Favorite Games: Skyrim, ARK: Survival Evolved (In case you haven't guessed from my username), BattleTech, For Honor

Birthdate: Not Telling

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Dragonlance: The War of Souls Trilogy, Swiss Family Robinson (I grew up on a lot of the old classics like that), Lord of the Rings

Favorite Magical Creature: Dragon

Pets: Pretty much a zoo. A dog, two cats, two poison darts frogs (those are my sibling's but I end up feeding the little things), one albino flame corn snake, a carpet python and one nine year old Bearded Dragon named Terri.

Siblings: One, a twin, he hates people so he's unlikely to be on here at all.

Hobbies: Video games, Reading books, Reading fanfiction, Writing Fanfiction, Writing a Book, as well as a couple of other things.

Current Stories:

The Dimensional Witch, Harry Potter/xxxHOLiC crossover- On HIATUS

Return of the Dragons, a Harry Potter Highschool Dxd crossover

Magic Tree House: A New Adventure, a Harry POtter/Magic Tree House and Jurassic Park/World Crossover - Up for adoption, Please PM Me first if Interested

A Wizarding MechWarrior, Crossover between Harry Potter and the Battletech video game- On Hiatus, rewrite is a possibility

Harry Potter and the Journey through Extinction

A Wizard and Monster Hunters

Upcoming Stories:

A Highschool Dxd and ARK: Survival Evolved crossover

I am in college so updates might be sporadic during certain times of the year.

As to reviews, guys, keep it civil or I will block you. I don't care for nasty comments or destructive criticism. That's the way I am. Constructive Criticism on the other hand is always welcome, however I don't speak or read any foreign languages that well, I only had two years of highschool level Spanish and Latin so I apologize in advance to those of you whose first language isn't English.

Reviewing Rules: 1. If you find a mistake, please pm me with the proper correction, I enjoy input from you guys. 2. Do not spam code reviews or flames. I will delete those. 3. If all you have to say is to call something I write a so-called "shit-fic," don't bother to review. Just close out your window. 4. For the love of everything holy, please try to use proper grammar and spelling, especially if you want a reply to a question. 5. BE CIVIL! I will not ride herd on a band of trolls or uncivilized savages. Finally: PLEASE REVIEW! I enjoy hearing from my readers, even if it is just to say that you liked it or have a question on the story. I may or may not answer the question in a direct way, depending on how critical the question's subject is to the story but I will answer.

Attention! I'm Back! Most of my stories are on hold right now while I focus my attention on my Monster Girl Encyclopedia story: Monster Girls and a Mundane Guy. That will get updated once a week if I can help it, so read and review! I'm debating on rewriting Return of the Dragons, as there are parts that make me cringe. I'll leave it up for now for people to read.


Link to my fanmade Monster girls, please copy and paste the link if it doesn't work: https:///wiki/User_blog:CataclysmusWind/The_Primeval_Empire

Link to Monster Girl Sources: https:///wiki/User_blog:The_Reptile_King/The_Reptile_Kingdom

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