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12 Kitsune Mermaid After the Tsunade Retrieval Mission, Naruto turns into a 9-tailed kitsune. Tsunade does not know how to reverse it and the village demands the demon's execution before it fully transforms into its giant Biju self to destroy them. Naruto's salvation comes when the Shinigami appears when the Seal is tampered with and sends Naruto to another dimension. Read more. Rated T for now.
Naruto & Rosario + Vampire, T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Romance, words: 5k+, favs: 93, follows: 121, 5/7, [Naruto U., Tamao I.]
69 Bearer of Betrayal » After the failed Uchiha Retrieval Mission, Naruto travels with Jiraiya to Wave Country to start his 3yr training trip. Naruto pays his respects to Zabuza and Haku's graves when he is betrayed by Jiraiya. Naruto falls into the sea and is rescued by the Goddess of the Seas and the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Konoha years later is in need of help from a certain Sea Lord from Wave
Naruto & Pirates of the Caribbean, T, English, Adventure & Supernatural, chapters: 4, words: 17k+, favs: 518, follows: 581, updated: 3/28 published: 7/26/2020
11 Prime Beast-Rewrite This is a rewrite of my earlier story of "The Prime Beast". Summary is inside the First Chapter and I hope you all enjoy it. Rating may change from T to M.
Diablo & Naruto, T, English, Supernatural & Fantasy, words: 5k+, favs: 79, follows: 85, 3/24, [Leah, Naruto U.] Auriel, Leoric/Skeleton King
48 Uzu-Udun » What if Naruto died in the Valley of the End, and his soul was taken to Arda where he was turned into a Balrog of Morgoth. He dies at the hands of Gandalf the Grey, only to find that he is not ready to descend into oblivion. Read as Naruto returns to the Elemental Nations with the powers of Shadow and Flames. Perhaps with a hint of wizard knowledge and humor. First Fanfiction story
Lord of the Rings & Naruto, T, English, Spiritual & Adventure, chapters: 4, words: 15k+, favs: 283, follows: 333, updated: 3/15 published: 5/29/2020, Balrog, Naruto U., Kyuubi/Kurama
34 Uzumaki Dragmire » Naruto banished after successful Uchiha retrieval mission. Naruto flees under Kyuubi's advice and finds Tayuya unconscious under trees. Both recuperate in Wave Country at Tazuna's and learn that Naruto's ancestors are more than what were believed by the current ninja world. Naruto will now bear the name of the King of Gerudo's as he and Tayuya face an ancient threat that's sleeping
Legend of Zelda & Naruto, T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 3, words: 13k+, favs: 214, follows: 249, updated: 3/7 published: 7/24/2020, [Naruto U., Tayuya]
20 Massive Shinobi Explosion » Naruto is falling in a ravine, trying to call on the Kyuubi's chakra. A flash of light and Naruto is in another world where he meets Noctis who's in the same confusing predicament. Soon he will return to the Elemental Nations with a big exploding surprise.
Naruto & Dissidia: Final Fantasy, T, English, Fantasy, chapters: 2, words: 8k+, favs: 103, follows: 110, updated: 2/28 published: 5/31/2020, Naruto U., Kyuubi/Kurama, Lightning F.
14 Naruto's Wish Naruto is betrayed during the Wave Mission and is swept away by the water currents. He gets washed ashore to Scuttle Town where he meets the Half-Genie Hero and her gang. Will Naruto find the precious ones he always wanted or will Konoha/Akatsuki take him away. Perhaps a genie or two can grant him his deepest wish?
Naruto & Shantae, T, English, Romance & Fantasy, words: 6k+, favs: 120, follows: 134, 2/14, [Naruto U., Shantae, Nega-Shantae]
122 King of Snakes » What if Naruto had lost his eyesight, but the Kyuubi decided to give his holder a new pair of eyes from another spirit that the Shinigami placed in him that night. Watch out Sharingan, Byakugan, and Rinnegan users. Enemiessss of the Heir, Beware…
Harry Potter & Naruto, T, English, Fantasy & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 5, words: 20k+, favs: 924, follows: 1k+, updated: 2/8 published: 6/11/2020, [Naruto U., Anko M.] Basilisk
34 Rise of Uzushio » At the age of 10, Naruto is cast into the depths of the sea near Wave Country and the Uzu Islands after another hateful mob attack. However, his body sinks to a remnant of a time before the Elemental Nations. Watch out Shinobi, the most powerful sorceress of Azeroth will rise once more, and so too will the storms of the Uzumaki bring destruction on anything that stands in their way
Warcraft & Naruto, T, English, Fantasy, chapters: 3, words: 14k+, favs: 397, follows: 463, updated: 2/7 published: 5/31/2020, [Queen Azshara, Naruto U.] Anko M.
5 Inquisitor Solo What if when Ben Solo vanished at the end of Rise of Skywalker on Exegol, the Force whisked him away to the Ruins of Malachor of the past. Right after the Naboo Crisis. After fulfilling his destiny with his other half of the Dyad, Rey, Ben will now accept both the light and dark side of himself to forge a new identity and destiny before the Empire rears its ugly head.
Star Wars & Star Wars: The Clone Wars, T, English, Sci-Fi, words: 4k+, favs: 32, follows: 33, 12/21/2020, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo
10 Darkness Approaches » What if Sauron wasn't defeated. His Ring and his soul after being consumed in the fires of Mount Doom, a failsafe spell was activated. Now the One Ring, that bears the entire power and soul of Sauron, is whisked away to a galaxy far far away. Look out Jedi and Sith Lords, the Dark Lord of Mordor is coming to bring about a New Age. Rate T-PG-13 for violence, adult ref., no language.
Star Wars & Lord of the Rings, T, English, Sci-Fi, chapters: 4, words: 15k+, favs: 56, follows: 71, updated: 12/20/2020 published: 6/6/2020, OC, Sauron
7 The Love of the Goddess » So, it's another reborn in another world kind of story where the character is brought to the DXD Universe. With the Fate series mixed in too. He has the powers of one of my favorite characters from FF7, it is Genesis Rhapsodos. Prepare to be given the Love of the Goddess. Rated M just because its the DXD, and some scenes in the future.
Final Fantasy VII & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, M, English, Romance & Fantasy, chapters: 2, words: 9k+, favs: 71, follows: 73, updated: 10/31/2020 published: 10/29/2020, [OC, Raynare] Genesis R.
35 Indouzumaki » What if during Naruto and Sasuke's clash at the Valley of the End, Naruto is cast into another dimension? His wounded body is taken by the scientist that created the wonders of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. His chakra fused with the Kyuubi's and sealed by the mutations of Dr. Wu, Naruto becomes the Indoraptor. Will the beast find a family and someone to love the beast he is now
Naruto & Jurassic Park, T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, chapters: 2, words: 8k+, favs: 215, follows: 223, updated: 10/31/2020 published: 7/28/2020, Naruto U., Indoraptor
67 The Mummy » Naruto is banished after a successful Sasuke Retrieval Mission. The Civilian Council and Jiraiya, under Danzo's recommendation, use a forbidden Uzumaki Seal that sends Naruto out of the Elemental Nations. Years later, Something appears within Wind Country that the Kazekage sends his ninja to investigate. Gaara calls on the Hokage and Hinata to help learn the secrets of the ruins.
Mummy & Naruto, T, English, Supernatural & Adventure, chapters: 5, words: 25k+, favs: 384, follows: 357, updated: 10/20/2020 published: 5/31/2020, Naruto U., Hinata H.
12 The Serpent's Fate » Harry kills the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. However, the spirit of the beast doesn't want to leave just yet. Together Harry will uncover more about his lineage then just his parents. Also he will get involved with those that are as separate as the Wizarding World. Will Harry be strong enough when he has to choose which cup he competes for? Double Trouble indeed.
Harry Potter & Fate/stay night, T, English, Fantasy & Adventure, chapters: 2, words: 10k+, favs: 319, follows: 404, updated: 10/10/2020 published: 6/19/2020, [Harry P., Medusa] Basilisk, Shakespeare
10 Holy Heartless Angel What if...Shirou was not saved by Kiritsugu Emiya during the fallout disaster of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Instead, A voice from the beyond calls out to Shirou to take up the mantle of the One-Winged Angel of Death so that he may Save the World. Shirou accepts it since the fire destroyed his memories of his former life. Watch out Magi and upcoming Servants of the 5th Grail War!
Final Fantasy VII & Fate/stay night, T, English, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, words: 2k+, favs: 111, follows: 135, 8/29/2020, Sephiroth, Shirō E.
4 Raven within the Maelstrom What if Naruto learned another jutsu in the Scroll of Sealings and not just his future signature Shadow Clones? This newly learned jutsu will allow Naruto to summon his Destined One. And that person would be none other than the magical Assassin that fought Erza in the Tower of Heaven. Read more to see Naruto and Ikaruga's adventures together. A Raven flying in the Maelstrom of life
Naruto & Fairy Tail, T, English, Fantasy & Adventure, words: 4k+, favs: 88, follows: 87, 6/26/2020, [Naruto U., Ikaruga]
5 Strunbagaar » Sindragosa and Neltharion/Deathwing are fighting to the death when a rift opens from the Well of Eternity, and they are later sealed into Naruto along with the Nine-Tailed Fox. At the age of 6, Naruto is running from a mob to stumble into his parent's land which hides a lonely mountain. Something ancient awakens and Naruto has a new destiny awaiting him and his tenants.
Warcraft & Naruto, T, English, Fantasy & Romance, chapters: 3, words: 13k+, favs: 133, follows: 145, 6/5/2020, [Sindragosa, Naruto U.] Kyuubi/Kurama
3 Red Flaming Poem » With Permission of MisekiMa and OMEGA SANCTION, I have written my own telling of the fallen First-Class SOLDIER that is cast into the realm of Magi and Servants. Will Genesis rise to become a Hero of the Dawn, or will his flight be cut short by the Hero of Justice. Thankfully he will not be alone in his role for another actor in red wishes share the spotlight.
Final Fantasy VII & Fate/stay night, T, English, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, chapters: 3, words: 8k+, favs: 17, follows: 20, 5/30/2020, Genesis R., Saber
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