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AN (February 24th): Okay, I've been getting quite a few…demanding comments from people recently about Personas and my focusing on Unexpected Happenings. The truth is, I had planned to have returned to Personas by now but UH's is refusing to leave my imagination alone. When I do begin updating Personas, I want to get back into the story again. I don't want to drop a chapter every couple of months, and truthfully, I don't work that way. I sink into a story. And I don't think anyone is going to appreciate me updating the story with a lacklustre chapter anyway. So, yes, I guess what I'm saying is that Personas is on Hiatus for now. I WILL be returning to the story, that is a certainty. But I have to admit, with some of the comments I've been getting in the last few months concerning the lack of updating, it really doesn't help hurry the writing process along. I write fan fiction because I like to. I love both feedback on my writing and plot, and I welcome constructive criticism. But I'm not here to obey your wishes, and opening my email every couple of days to see a PM or review demanding that I update, that I should be ashamed of leaving my readers hanging or turning my focus to a new story, really doesn't inspire me to get going and write a new chapter. So, please, I'd like to ask everyone waiting for me to update Personas or Enduring Obsession to be patient. As I said, I WILL be returning to the world of Harry Potter, but the negative, demanding vitriol doesn't exactly hurry the process along.



Imaginary Raine


Rei's Outfits


The Art of Hidden Personas - Chapter 13 (The Storm Scene)

Random Comments/Favs & Pet Peeves:

Favourite Fanfics:

Harry Potter(obviously), Sailor Moon-I was hooked as a kid, forgive me! Twilight- all I can say is 'Awwwww', Charmed-are you seeing a pattern here? I LIKE FANTASY!, Supernatural- I didn't actually think I would like this show but the brothers banter is hilarious to me. That's the only reason I watch it at all! But I have to say that season 4 disappointed me, I mean, angels? COME ON!

Favourite Books:

Harry Potter books, Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth series-anyone else LOVE these? I swear Richard is the perfect guy, Daughter of the forest trilogy, Tamir Triad, Twilight, Emma and Pride and Prejudice(YES! I'll admit it...I'm a romantic)

Favourite Pairings:

Harry Potter:Harry/Hermione-ron bashing, Harry/Ginny-only if Ginny has backbone, Harry/ Draco-this is just hot, Harry/ Sirius-sorry but I love sirius!...I DO NOT like the pairings: Harry/Cho-she just doesn't fit, Harry/Remus, Harry/Severus, Harry/ANY TEACHER - yuck! they watched him grow up! I'm sorry but although I've read some really good Harry/Severus it just does not work for me-too slimy, nobody out there has been able to counteract the impressive negative physical descriptions that JK Rowling artfully wrote for Snape.

Sailor Moon: Serena/ Darien-all the way no questions asked!

Twilight: Bella/Edward-you just can't break them up!t's ciminal! But I have to say in the books I think Bella is a bit of a whiner and totally keeping Edward from finding ME! lol

Charmed: Phoebe/Coal-I HATE her cupid husband, Prue/Andy-Prue sooo much better than Paige, Chris/Wyatt:Hot! they look nothing alike in the show!

Miscalculation: Okay, this story was a little guilty pleasure for the I hate Rini and her totally unbelievable pink hair, which is bigger than her! And her evil ruby eyes fan club. We're bigger than people think! Plus, I always kind of resented Trista, she was never loyal to Serena and I SWEAR I caught her checking out Darien!

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