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I'm just a newbie who is try his hand at fanfiction. be gentle alright.

Some info: i hate akane and the NWC. Here all a bunch of jackarses. If i ever do a ranma story, i will be heavyly bashing them.

Naruto/Monster Rancher crossover story challenge.

By the way I do not own either of these franchises and never will. If I did I would be rich. This is just a story idea I have had in my head for like 5 months and needed to get out of my head.

I have decided to post this challenge for anyone who would like to try their hand at it. If you would like to try, just PM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Story title: whatever you would like it to be.

Basic starting storyline:

Naruto at the age of 6 is chased into theForestofDeathby various civilians and ninja. After losing them at the gate, Naruto wanders further in for a while eventually finding a cave to spend the night in. As he enters the cave he hears the sound of muffled voices coming from the back. Wandering farther back, Naruto sees various murals depicting several unusual creatures locked together in epic battle. As he continues to look around, he spots various shelves filled with strange stone disks, each of varying color. He also finds books and scrolls nearby. By reading the scrolls and books, Naruto learns of the ancient world and how it used to be populated by not only humans but also the various creatures that he had seen in the murals. He decides to grab a pink and gray disk and try to unlock it. As he does, the world begins to turn the right way for the young Uzumaki. For in that moment his choice will shake the world, as he will be reborn as new breed of ninja, the Ninja Rancher.

Naruto will start off with a single monster that will become his motherly figure that he will name after his mother, Kushina.

1st monster: Janne (Pixie/Durahan hybrid)

2nd monster: Ambush Henger (rare robotic monster suited for jungle fighting)

3rd monster: Crevasse (Wolf/Dragon hybrid)

4th monster: Hermes (Durahan/Antlan hybrid)

5th monster: Flazer (rare Wolf hybrid that has thick skin so that it can survive the heat of volcanoes)

6th monster: Battlerocks (Golem/Durahan hybrid)

7th monster: ProtoAnt (Antlan/Henger hybrid)

Side note: Antlan species data: Antlan is basically a humanoid looking ant with fist instead of claws. A good fighting monster and considered a fair fighter, it is a good starting monster for any player. But do not try to get unless you are a least D or C rank in the game.

Pairings: Harem including a least 3 different Pixies (No adding a Janne to the harem because Naruto will see that Pixie breed as a parental figure.) No maximum limit on the girls.

Naruto will teach ninja techniques to his monsters and he will learn various monster attacks ex. Lighting, ice breath, fire kick etc. He will also have tremendous physical strength, agility, accuracy, intelligence, and quick thinking skills due to his training with his monsters. Naruto will also take up kenjutsu skills that will allow him to channel his monster attacks through his sword. No katanas want a different sword, something more medieval like a long sword or scorpion twin blades (single edged swords with scorpion designs on them).

Bashing allowed for team seven, konoha civilians and civilian council, Kiba Inuzuka, Hyuga family except for Hinata and her sister Hanabi and anyone else you could think of.

Well that’s all that I can think of. If there is something that you feel I have missed, please let me know in reviews or PM’s. Hope to hear from someone soon. Later. CHAOS FOREVER.

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