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Stefunee Pylant PM
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Ok,so first,because I keep getting weird messages with people thinking I'm a guy,I'M FEMALE!!!!!!!!

I like Pokémon,Yu-gi-oh!,anime,manga and video games.

I particularly like RPG-style video games,like the Final Fantasy games,Kingdom Hearts games,etc.

I'm a big fan of Vampire genre manga and anime,and until recently,hadn't even thought about reading Fanfics,and will even look for fanfics with vampires in them even if it's not a vampire-related fanfic,like on the Detective Conan/Case Closed page.

I've realized some of my favorite pairings are KaiShin/ShinKai,ShinRan,Yami/Yugi,Atem/Yami/Yugi,Pompous Pep,and a few others that I'm not sure how the name pairing works.

Fanfic pages I usually check:

Detective Conan/Case Closed


Black Blood Brothers

Rosario Vampire

Final Fantasy 7

Kingdom Hearts

Danny Phantom

Bendy and the Ink Machine

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