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We are five gods who were cursed into one body. We must stay harmonized to keep from breaking this body any further, but we must stay ourselves so we may take our vengeance upon our goddessess who cursed us. (And we're not going to break character, for 98% of the time)

An avatar is not some lopped off piece of power set to a task. A god tends to work in broad strokes. An avater is a focussing point. As if the entire power of the sun was focussed through the eye of a needle. That is what an avatar is. Never forget this.

2020, june 20th, 2:44 pm, Pacific time.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't there to forgive you then. I'm sorry I wasn't there to seek your forgiveness then. I know you no longer seek it, but I am sorry. Oh you, who have cast aside your humanity for your ideal, you who have nothing left in your heart but a dream. I do not hate you. I pity you. And while your actions cannot be forgiven I know they were made while you were in despair. To be driven to such despair that you give up all that you once were, all the love, and hate, joy and sadness, longing, loss, and victory. All for your goal. I'm sorry I wasn't there. But, I'm here now, so please, let me save you."

I was born at the bottom of a pit. One so deep, that not even the sunlight could reach me. In this pit were nothing but venomous snakes and poisonous dragons. I ate them to gain strength as my blood turned to poison. With enough strength gathered, I started climbing from the pit. As I climbed higher I realized I was turning into a god as the divine light forced me to change or burn me to ash. As I ascended, I ascended. A god never lived in that pit, but one did crawl out of it.

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