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15 The Null Hypothesis » When I'm done, I will ask a man, 'Do you know Kanryuu Takeda' and he'll say to me, 'Sir, I don't have a clue who you're talking about…Dark, miniature AU.
Rurouni Kenshin, T, English, Adventure, chapters: 5, words: 28k+, favs: 12, follows: 8, updated: 12/16/2010 published: 7/2/2008, Aoshi, Kaoru
90Kuchiki Byakuya: 50 Facts of Life » Seriously, how I am supposed to improve on Chuck Norris? Why, turn him into Byakuya! Shamelessly unoriginal fun ahead. Rated for general insanity.
Bleach, T, English, Humor & Parody, chapters: 17, words: 2k+, favs: 62, follows: 39, updated: 5/1/2010 published: 3/22/2010, Byakuya K.
20Tell the Long Road » There were many who had been stronger, smarter, faster, but he'd outlived them all, even if he didn't always want to. Life, death and all the pointless lessons in between. Ukitake Jyuushiro-Sublimation: all that he might've given others, he gave to her.
Bleach, T, English, chapters: 7, words: 6k+, favs: 14, follows: 11, updated: 1/7/2010 published: 9/16/2009, J. Ukitake
26Precedent » Students who are new to the academy often wonder about a few of the rules. Why would a school for soul reapers ban farm animals and body snatching? What the hell was that first graduating class like...? Rated for general naughtiness and lack of sanity.
Bleach, T, English, chapters: 3, words: 1k+, favs: 44, follows: 25, updated: 10/27/2009 published: 9/22/2009, Shunsui K., J. Ukitake
9IC Ishida's Sephiroth costume might just be too good. Ukitake subs in as Orihime's guard and gets dragged into cosplaying. Now he's starting to act OOC. Or that too IC?
Bleach, T, English, Humor, words: 895, favs: 10, follows: 13, 9/22/2009, J. Ukitake, Ichigo K.
10 I Want to Be Alone When poor Shiro-chan becomes burdened down by the pressure of being so awesomely famous, it's up to local heart throb Kuchiki Byakuya and his partner, Abarai Renji, to help square him away. Parody in the extreme. You have been warned.
Bleach, T, English, Parody & Humor, words: 2k+, favs: 35, follows: 5, 5/24/2009, T. Hitsugaya, Byakuya K.
12 What Worth, Honor? And maybe now, as his life fled away on Zaraki's bloody sword, did he understand why old Rokuro had wept.
Bleach, T, English, words: 5k+, favs: 31, follows: 2, 2/7/2009, K. Zaraki
10 72 Hours They say that the greatest danger in trying to save someone from drowning, is the victim...rated for violence, mild cursing
Bleach, M, English, Horror, words: 2k+, favs: 17, follows: 1, 11/9/2008, Yuzu K., Isshin K.
51 Teen Titans VS Justice League of America » Ever wonder what would happen if the Titans were to go up against Superman, Batman or the other members of the Justice League? An attempt to do exactly that, realistically. Serves as expanded fourth chapter of Reconciliations with Darkness. FINISHED!
Teen Titans, T, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 7, words: 39k+, favs: 58, follows: 37, updated: 11/6/2008 published: 4/1/2007
18 Office Therapy Dr. Phil has nothing on Byakuya.
Bleach, T, English, Drama & Angst, words: 2k+, favs: 44, follows: 5, 11/5/2008, Byakuya K., Yoruichi S.
51 Candy Canes, Sour Drops and Jawbreakers » Throughout his life, there were many that he watched over. Hitsugaya. Fong. Kuchiki. Though one never knew of the others, these cold individuals were together connected by the kindness of a sickly candy man. These are their stories.
Bleach, T, English, chapters: 5, words: 5k+, favs: 138, follows: 18, updated: 9/12/2008 published: 9/10/2008, J. Ukitake, T. Hitsugaya
18 Awakening » Have you ever asked what might have been? Lyndis, now married and with a grown daughter, looks back on how she first met Mark, the cold and manipulative tactician whose hand would shape the Fate of all Elibe.
Fire Emblem, T, English, Drama & Adventure, chapters: 10, words: 26k+, favs: 13, follows: 5, updated: 9/7/2008 published: 1/1/2007
14 Ties Older than Blood Some of us shrink from burdens; others take them, needing direction. Ukitake Jyuushiro/Kyoraku Shunsui origin story told in mythological style.
Bleach, T, English, Fantasy & Spiritual, words: 4k+, favs: 20, follows: 6, 3/12/2008, Shunsui K., J. Ukitake
2 The Assault on Nova Alexandria Newly recovered from the death of Prometheus, the Alliance forces lead by Caanon prepare to take back earth once again.
Starsiege, M, English, Sci-Fi & Angst, words: 3k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, 1/15/2008
14 Queen of Frost, King of Flames Limstella x Eliwood: Sometimes even our hate can bring us comfort.
Fire Emblem, T, English, Drama & Spiritual, words: 11k+, favs: 13, follows: 1, 12/12/2007, Limstella, Eliwood
31To Sink a Ship » A collection of cracked and otherwise neglected pairings, some serious and some…not so much. Approach with caution and always use protection. Latest pairings: ErkxLouise, SainxEveryone, KarelxSerra, FlorinaxWallace, LuciusxVaida...
Fire Emblem, T, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 6, words: 12k+, favs: 4, follows: 6, updated: 12/12/2007 published: 5/8/2007, Erk, Louise
21 Hollow Eyes Because we forget that our Hero was only a child in mind when awakened...
Legend of Zelda, K, English, Angst, words: 1k+, favs: 82, follows: 8, 10/23/2007, Link
15Reconciliations With Darkness » Before he was the leader of the Titans and a hero, Robin was Richard Grayson, the adopted son of Bruce Wayne. For years the two have been estranged, but recently certain events conspire to bring them together. Chapter order has been restructured
Teen Titans, M, English, Angst, chapters: 3, words: 10k+, favs: 15, follows: 10, updated: 4/18/2007 published: 3/6/2007, Robin
6 A Trip to Market Lucius is journeying to Araphen with a young girl, a fellow orphan he now looks after and who he acquired in desperate circumstances. On the way, they stop at largest market in Elibe, and all hell breaks loose. A heart warming tale based off Les Mis.
Fire Emblem, T, English, Drama & Angst, words: 11k+, favs: 4, follows: 1, updated: 3/3/2007 published: 1/1/2007, Lucius
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