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Okay, so. I'm something of a fandom whore with procrastination issues. Potty mouth, gutter brain. And very easily distracted by the shiny.

...I'll get around to uploading my more recent writing here soon-ish. Hopefully.

Current Obsessions:

Shingeki no Kyojin : Levi/Eren, Armin/Annie, Ymir/Christa, Erwin/Mike, Marco/Jean : Especially riren/ereri. Epic, epic obsession going on there. To the point it's overwhelming most of my other interests at the moment.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu : Karma/Nagisa, Isogai/Maehara, Terasaka/Itona, Chiba/Rinka, Karma/Gakushuu : I. Am such karunagi/karmagisa trash it's not even funny.

Tokyo Ghoul : Kaneki/Tsukiyama, Hide/Kaneki, Touka/Yoriko, Urie/Mutsuki : Current :re canon huuuurrrts. Then again, same with anime canon. There's just. A lot of hurt.

DRAMAtical Murder : Mizuki/Sei, Ren/Aoba, Noiz/Aoba, Koujaku/Noiz : All the Aoba pairings, really, but those especially.

Free! : Haruka/Rin, Makoto/Gou, Makoto/Rin, Nagisa/Rei : The whole series feels like Haru and Rin's ~love story~ to me, nfu.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei : Tatsuya/Miyuki, Masaki/Tatsuya/Miyuki, Honoka/Shizuku, Mikihiko/Mizuki, Leo/Erika, Juumonji/Mayumi : But Shibacest is where it's really at for me.

Teen Wolf : Derek/Stiles, Kira/Malia, Allison/Isaac, Scott/Liam : Don't get me started on the train wreck of S5...

Most of my fics are posted on AO3/tumblr before they wind up here. Just in case you're interested.

AO3 username : Grassy
tumblr username : takerzmuse

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