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Here is my second go at a profile for this site. I originally came to the site many years ago for the sake of Teen Titans. I found that I just couldn't get enough of that excellent show, so I went looking for more information and eventually ended up becoming a devoted reader here. A few years later, I found myself coming here again for Naruto!

I really enjoy seeing secondary characters get fleshed out, and I am constantly amazed at the alternate 'ships that some of our lovely and clever authors invent. I enjoy the Naruto x Hinata, Naruto x Tayuya, Temari x Naruto, Shikamaru x Tayuya and Jiraiya x Tsunade ships the most. I am not too crazy about OCs or self-inserts: the Naruto world is so rich in characters, I just don't think they are needed. However, a couple of stories I have been reading in 2016 have started to change my mind about SIs. In addition, I enjoy seeing the movies and filler treated as canon, although it is hard to accommodate some of those events into the timeline. Timetravel stories are also a favorite.

Some day I aim to write something, to contribute more than reviews to this site. I also like to help authors out by proofreading, as I am a professional translator, writer, and editor. Unfortunately, I am just about at capacity for free editing right now. I work fast when life permits, but my kids have been conspiring to take up all my time or access to my desktop computer.

Until I can think of a better profile,


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