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I am over at TTH as slayerandwereleopard, over at Ao3 with the same name as here (most often on A03, just keeping tabs on stories here, not reading new ones).


- Erza/Mira
- Natsuki/shizuru and Chie/Aoi (Mai Otome)
- Jo/Maria or Jo/Sei (Burst Angel)
- Buffy/tara, Buffy/oz
- konoka/setsuna from Negi series (though love fics were Setsuna, Mana, Zazie and Eva are friends)
- Urd/Mara from oh my goddess.
- Bo/Tamsin from Lost Girl
- Canaan/Alphard from the Canaan Anime
- Akatsuki/Shiroe from Log Horizon.
- Sara/Nyssa, as well as Sara/Ava dabbled in reading Kara/Sara as well(Arrowverse)
- Clarke/Lexa (the 100)
- Lucifer/Chloe, Chloe/Maze (Lucifer)
- Jules/Carmen (Carmen San Diego)

CURRENTLY WATCHING (or re-watching or waiting for new season)

- arrowverse shows (legends my fav right now)
- Star Trek Picard
- Fate: Winx Series (netflix)
- Lucifer
- That time I was reincarnated as a slime (and slime diaries)
- Log Horizon
- demon slayer
- titans
- I've been killing slime for 300 years ...
- Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
- So I'm a Spider, So What?

On my watch List:

- Spell Binder (re-watch in this case, why doesn't amazon have the dragon spell binder)
- The winter soldier and the falcon
- Psycho Pass 3
- Marvel what if
- Carnival Row
- Hanna


Non-Crossovers: http:///rebellion2/buffy-crossovers/challenges/FicChallenges.html

Crossover: http:///rebellion2/buffy-crossovers/challenges/CrossoverChallenges.html

Downloaded the code files, but have not found time to re-code the thing. May just download a Jekyll template or something and go from there. There will be no images though. May also switch servers, if that is done, there will be redirects in place.

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