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Hello there! Name's Zolkrath - hope you are having a wonderful day, month, year, etc.!

A little about me: I've always loved stories and had a blast reading many of them on this site as well as others. I like to watch movies, anime, and sometimes - tv shows; on top of that I really enjoy reading books like the Percy Jackson series, A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, Eragon, Lord of the Rings, Ender's Game, and more. Videogames are another hobby of mine that I love, and have read wonderful stories on this website ranging from Mass Effect, Pokemon, Dragon Age, Warcraft, etc. I usually spend my time doing these things or spending time with family - and now that I have read so many stories and gotten so many ideas in my head, I decided I thought I'd give this a try! I hope you enjoy.

Planned Stories to write:

- The Maker (Might change the name later) - Harry Potter (Older Harry Potter): Planned for the Future

- Aspect of Death (Might change the name later) - Harry Potter X Highschool DxD (with other small x-overs, mainly specific characters): Planned For the Future

- Fate's Champion (Might change the name later) - Percy Jackson X Justice League: Planned for the Future (inspired by Vimesenthusiat form his or her "Third path to the Future")

- An Emperor's Path (Might change the name later) - Harry Potter X A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones X Minor Elder Scrolls: Planned for the Future

- A Pebble Dropped in a Galaxy Far Far Away (Might change the name later) - Harry Potter X Star Wars: Planned for the Future

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