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AN: its been a year since i last changed my profile...hehehehe anyhow i've been so busy w/ school and i couldn't find time anymore. however...i might just start updating my stories. hope you guys would find the time to drop some reviews though cuz it seems as though i have thousands of people who visits my stories but sad to say, could never find the heart to leave any comment. have a heart people

The cynical - The dreamless

Cynics have similar traits to the Pessimist, but unlike the Pessimist, Cynics are fine with how things work. These type of people have no real expectations in life, or at least they try to not have.

Perhaps it is an empty life they lead, but they rarely let anyone know of their misfortunes.
They are true skeptics, doubting everything presented to them. Unless they already know about it being true, they will not believe.

Cynics see themselves as realists, for they believe they've got reality all figured out. People often perceive them to e cold, and Cynics rarely share themselves with people to prove otherwise. After all, people aren't meant to be trusted. Yet Cynics have no bigger issue with this. Time has led them to accept things.

They are no dreamers either. They certainly don't have, what they would call, "childish fantasies". They stick to what they know. It is not that they are reluctant to accept new things -perhaps they are- but they don't find the evidence all too convincing for them to adopt another type of thinking.

Cynics are not charming people. They prefer to say truthful statements instead of sugar-coating. They are not seen as particularly sensitive -even though they may or may not be- as they show little consideration.

They see through facades and lies and lean on facts and logic for support. Whether or not they are social, Cynics don't value relationships that much. Of course there might be an exception or two, but they generally live for themselves. Emotions are for fools, they think.

Even though they feel this way, it doesn't mean they don't harbour them. They are just more secretive about it than others.

Quote: "A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing." -Oscar Wilde

my favorite motto? It has been mine since time immemorial...

Leave me alone...and i'll leave you alone

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Black Dragon: D E L E T E D

This story has finally been deleted. Why? Oh for a lot of reasons. One, the antagonist in my story is already dead--you can see that if you've been following the manga chapters. So what's the point of finishing the story? Second, I never really had the talent to base a story merely within the fields of romance per se. After a long time of thinking, I've finally realized that I couldn't do it (sweatdrops). It bored me.

Deny no More:

First ever completed fanfic with positive feed backs here. If reviews will keep on coming then I might make a sequel to it or a whole new other story with a longer plotting time as per request of most reviewers. You guys always keep e on my toes and I just love it.

Remorse and Acceptance:

Second completed fan fic. Its more of a romance with an unusual ending to it.


There will be times when the posting might be delayed by a couple of days and when this happens its because there are things that have come up that are beyond my powers to be adjusted such as duty to the hospital, major exams or a load of books to be read in advance so please do bear with me. Thanks

By the way, if you are so fond of Rurouni Kenshin you must at least read the stories written by Ravin and Violet Goddess I consider them the best writers ever giving justice to the characters while they continuously weave their magic creating plots so beautiful you'll be dying to read for more. (winks)

Oh and I do love NessieG and the story she makes. If you guys are fond of Neji/Ten couples, why you best read her stories for they are the best!

Some Famous Quotes that i like:

love takes up where knowledge leaves off"- SaintThomas Aquinas

" A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous" - Ingrid Bergman

"Who would give law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law" - Boethius

"Wisdom is a reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk" - Doug Larson

"Wisdom begins in wonder" - Socrates

"Wisdom outweights any wealth" - Sophocles

"The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing" - Socrates

"A few vices is sufficient to darken any virtue" - Plutarch

"For every minute you are angry, you gave up sixty seconds of peace of mind" -Ralph Waldo Eerson

"When angry count, to four; when very angry, swear" - Mark Twain (wow, i agree with you wholeheartedly!)

"The hardest wounds to heal are not what you see...its what you cannot see" - me (hehehe)

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