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I'm lover of stories. I can't write to save my life though.

I honestly signed up for Sakura Haruno fics and it's become my favorite thing.

The first work I've ever read was by VesperChan Obelisk: Kingdom of Man and on that day I never stopped reading cause well I'm late with fanfiction so I had more completed works to read. ( became absolute HEAVEN)

Not big on comments but when I say I love something I mean it in one way and more.

I can't give critique cause I appreciate the story and can't really imagine wanting it to go differently. If you're a favorite dear Author thank you for everything! All the fics I read made my day better.

Hit me up for any recommendations. Sakura or not I appreciate it!

Check out the girl who went gravedigging and learned to talk to trees by PURRcrastination

Chapter 11's wonderful!

Help yourselves to some of my favorites I hope you enjoy them as much as I do if not more and support the creative authors by showing some love.

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