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My name... is Ainz Ooal Gown. You may not have heard of me, but in the past, there was no one alive who did not fear this name. ...Ok, I'm gonna stop now. Time for a proper greeting!

Hello! I've been around fanfic for over ten years now. TEN YEARS! ...And no, that doesn't mean I'm old, just a girl who loves to read and write in her spare time. I've been reading fanfic since I was eight, so plus 10 and that's my age if you can't do math. I sure as shit can't.

A gamer and lover of anime, I have finally decided on making my own account in case the urge to write becomes so great I share my "work" with those who have the time. But despite having a plethora of anime under my black belt, there are very few series I write or read for. I'll list them down below with a brief description (not in order and my personal favorites be it story or characters), but the reason I don't write for some series I like because I feel that they should be left alone as nothing could really be added to make it better and it's not like fanfic, its writers, or AO3 are very well-known producing amazing stories. Those rare few but eh, I don't care.

1) Overlord: If my name didn't tip anyone off, I am a fan of Overlord. So much so I couldn't wait and went on to read the LN! I got introduced some time last year and have been hooked ever since. I love it so much! But I don't think I'll write for it. The only thing I want is for Ainz to grow a dick and get shit over with already lol.

2) How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Generic asf but entertaining all the same. The MC is more believable than most Isekai protagonists due to his lack of communication skills which forces him to roll play 99% of the time, allowing a slew of funny moments to pour in! Certaintly not the best out there, but I'd give this a look if you're bored.

3) Blazblue: A rather underrated (has garnered attention thankfully) game boasting amazing characters, thrilling story, and a villian you can't hate. I haven't played the fighting aspects and am just there for the story that has my ass planted for hours on end. Though I do have problems with its direction into a more generic story having mister MC just run the gauntlet out of nowhere and general shafting of the cast; otherwise from that, this game is a fucking treat. I have been a fan for nearly seven years. Seven years! And am I the only one who thinks Ragna and Kagura have to be two of the SEXIEST male characters ever!? This series, like Overlord, is an obsession of mine.

4) Fairy Tail: My gripes with this series continue forever. All that keeps me here is the enjoyable and wacky cast. Hiro ruined the series with his last arc and I refuse to read the 100 year quest... I may write for this mainly because I view Fairy Tail as a hentai and nothing but, so porn porn porn.

5) My Hero Academia: Now I just think of this show as childhood One Punch Man, but Izuku is one of the few shonen MC's that uses his fucking brain instead of power-up bullshit. I have to put respect on him and the author for amazing character development for both Izuku and Bakugo, who is my favorite character because I love ambitious characters.

6) Berserk: Not a die-hard fan, I've dabbled in Berserk every now and again and have to praise the author for his unique drawing style (fuck the anime, ight?) and characters. Guts you amazing MC you. Griffith, YOU SON OF A BITCH!

7) Yu Yu Hakasho: An anime with an MC that really does push himself away from the standard shonen protagonists. He's basically if Goku was some street punk with PERSONALITY. Argue and I'll show you what my middle finger can do, heh. Ah... I love Yusuke. Plus it has one of the best tournaments arcs. It's pretty old but worth the watch.

8) Tales of: A JRPG series that had me ever since Vesperia. Yuri has to be the one of the best protagonists I've ever gotten the chance to watch and place. Not only sexy, but developed from day one, smart, knows what he wants and so much more. Estelle and Yuri all the way!

9) Kingdom Hearts: ...Must I explain?

10) Campione: Got me into mythology and I don't regret a single minute watching!

Hopefully reading my boring profile got a grasp on who I am. If not, I don't mind explaining. I'm pretty passive. Having seen about the worst of the worst, rare am I phased. When I review, telling the author straight is my motto. They don't like it, grow up, oh well. When I write, I do it because I like the idea. That may sound ignorant but don't take it the wrong way, I have no intention of blowing anything or one out of proportion. I'm also a gal who likes to chat so I'm a bit of a chatter box when I get into something I love. Like mythology! I'm a nerd! Let us all get along.

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