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Hello to those who happened to stumble upon my page! I guess this is where I have to write a little something about myself (I'm not used to doing that, believe it or not, so here goes!). My online handle is laysean87 (sometimes SDL-One or SDL-ONE). One of my hobbies from time to time is writing mostly fanfiction stories.

I like to read and write several fanfic stories based on some of the fandom I like (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be on here). You can see some of them in my favorite shows and comics lists down below. The main reason I write fanfics is because I have ideas in my head — especially when it comes to superhero shows like the entire DCAU and Young Justice — and I want to share those ideas on here.

For the moment, I am focusing almost entirely on fanfics of the cartoons and movies based on DC Comics, whether that's Batman, Superman, etc. Although, I am not above trying stories for other fandoms, when you least expect it.

For those of you who only want to see the stories I've written and the ones that I'm working on, you can skip down to the links I have at the bottom of the page.

BTW, sorry if I tend to rewrite or tweak certain parts in most of my stories from time to time. I do tend to be too much of a perfectionist.

I have been writing fanfic stories for a few years on Google Docs, but it wasn't until just recently that I decided to upload a few stories on this website, to see if others on here would like them.

But when I write stories, I want to be 110% confident that the characters' words and actions are in character - I guess it's one of my personal OCD's. I do suffer from self-confidence and anxiety issues when it comes to stuff like this. Not to mention ADHD, as well.

I try brushing up on some of the fandom of some of these shows and look at the episodes. I even tried to read some published novels just to get a feel for how some writers organize and structure their stories. But no matter what I do or how many times I do it, I still worry if what I write fits the characters' personalities.

Accordingly, I haven't been doing too many stories as of late, partly because of my lack of confidence with my writing. especially when it comes to sensory details. I also have an issue when it comes to endings for stories. Not to mention that I have a tendency to occasionally slack off. I'm not using this as an excuse for not finishing certain stories, but it is a nasty habit I really need to shake off.

Also, I prefer doing short stories and one-shots, as I am more comfortable doing those as opposed to writing multi chapter stories.

Update - 09/11/21: Right now, I am focused on doing mostly DCAU stories, mainly on Batman: TAS and Superman: TAS, and occasionally Justice League/Justice League Unlimited.

Update - 12/4/22: Still working on some of those DCAU stories, along with Young Justice, and X-Men Evolution.

Update - 3/3/23: Working on a few fanfics in-between my personal life issues. In the meantime, I have finally uploaded two more stories hours apart from each other. And more are on the way, hopefully. Yay!

Update - 3/29/23: Catch me on my new alternate account on AO3. It's where I plan to upload a couple more stories that I have on my Google Drive account that I can't upload here... for obvious reasons.

Update - 4/12/23: Busy with life and adult classes, not to mention brushing up on some of my favorite fandoms as far as the comics and cartoons go. But I plan on finishing a few more stories before the end of the month.

Update: 9/28/23: Been busy uploading some stories on my AO3 account. Hopefully, I'll be back on here to upload one of my G or T-rated stories.

Shameless self-plugging of social accounts:

AO3 - stories under the handles (laysean87, LDS-87-30-12, and SDL-One)

You can find me on Facebook at: laysean87

Also on Tumblr: same handle - laysean87

deviantArt: again, same handle - laysean87

Newgrounds - sdlone1987

Here is a list of some of my favorite shows/fandom (at the very least, the ones I can think of off the top of my head).

Favourite Cartoon Shows:

Vintage Theatrical Shorts

Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies

Tom and Jerry


Woody Woodpecker

Superman (Max Fleischer)

'80's Cartoons

Garfield and Friends

Count Duckula

90's Warner Bros. Animated Shows

Tiny Toon Adventures




Pinky the Brain

90's Marvel Animated Series

X-Men The Animated Series

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

DC Animated Universe

Batman: The Animated Series/The New Batman Adventures

Superman: The Animated Series

Batman Beyond

Static Shock

Justice League/Justice League Unlimited

'80's Disney Cartoons

Gummi Bears

DuckTales (1987 TV series)

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers

'90's Disney Cartoons


Darkwing Duck

Goof Troop




Mighty Ducks

2000's Cartoons

Jackie Chan Adventures

Teen Titans

Avatar: The Last Airbender

X-Men: Evolution

House of Mouse

2010s Cartoons

Young Justice

Favorite Comic Books I've Read... So Far

For a few years, I've been reading several comics to brush up on my knowledge of the heroes and villains, and also because of my aforementioned self-confidence issues. Doesn't hurt to at least brush up on some of these characters and get a feel for them, especially when it comes to writing fanfics involving them.

I'm a little bit of a late bloomer when it comes to the mainstream comics, because I didn't have a comic book shop nearby to go to (unless you count the rack at the front of the old Waldenbooks bookstore), and my only exposure to comics was to some extent the Adam West Batman, and to a greater extent the DC Animated Universe. Accordingly, I tend to view most of these characters through somewhat of a mainstream pop culture lens rather than through the lens of a comic book reader.

As it is, here's some of the books I've read so far both online and at my local library.

Beginning with DC Comics...

Green Lantern/Green Arrow (Travelin' Heroes stories from the Bronze Age)

The New Teen Titans (early to mid-'80's stories by Wolfman/Perez)

Batman and the Outsiders ('80's version)

Justice League of America (mid-'80's Detroit era)

Crisis on Infinite Crisis (1985)

The Dark Knight Returns (1986)

What Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (1986)

Watchmen (1986)

The Man of Steel (John Byrne's six-issue mini series) (1986)

Batman: Year One (1987)

Wonder Woman vol. 2 - First 24 Issues (1987)

Batman: The Killing Joke (1988)

Batman: A Death in The Family (1988)

The Death of Superman (1992)

Batman: The Long Halloween (1996)

Batman: Dark Victory (1999)

Robin: Year One (2000)

Batgirl: Year One (2003)

Zatanna: Everyday Magic (2003)

Identity Crisis (2004)

OMAC Project (2005)

Catwoman: When In Rome (2005)

Zatanna vol. 2 (2010—2011)

Presently, I am also going through the entire back catalog of 1960's Marvel Comics, focusing solely on the stories from the '60's to the early '70's. So far, I have read:

Fantastic Four (1961-98) - in process (completed the first 18 issues)

Tales to Astonish (1959-68) - in process (the early Ant-Man stories)

Incredible Hulk (1962-63) - completed

Journey into Mystery (1952-66) - in process (the early stories of Thor)

Strange Tales (1951-68) - in process (the solo Human Torch stories)

Amazing Spider-Man (1963-98) - in process (the first 24 issues, as well as the origin in Amazing Fantasy #15)

Now, I am getting into the first issues of Iron Man.


In the process of writing a few stories on Google Drive (some of which I have put on my Tumblr account):

Stories Currently Uploaded

Risk, a Batman Beyond fanfic (currently uploaded#) (seriously considering a re-write)

Harley's Gift, a Batman TAS fanfic (currently uploaded#)

A Matter of Conscience, a Justice League/Justice League Unlimited fanfic (currently uploaded#)

Believe In Magic Yet?, a Young Justice (cartoon) fanfic

Am I Wrong?, a Justice League/Justice League Unlimited fanfic #

Letting Down Easy, a Young Justice fanfic

The Assassin's Target, a Young Justice fanfic

Unresolved, a Wonder Woman (2009) fanfic

Would You Call This A Date?, a Justice League/Justice League Unlimited Suicide Squad fanfic

Awkwardness, a Young Justice fanfic

Chocolate Candy Fixation, a Justice League/Justice League Unlimited fanfic

Propositions, a Legend of Korra fanfic

Desire, a Teen Titans fanfic

Complicated, a Young Justice fanfic

Vigilant Hearts: A Batman and Zatanna Collection, a Young Justice fanfic

Fan Works In Progress

The Bird, The Archer and the Rocket (working title), a Justice League fanfic (WIP)

Our Little Batgirl (working title), a Batman TAS fanfic (WIP)

Ambush, a Young Justice fanfic (WIP)

Captive, a Justice League fanfic (WIP)

Who is Superman, a Superman TAS fanfic (WIP)

Lost Without You, a Young Justice fanfic (WIP)

Into The Fire, a Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic (WIP)

Young Justice: Apokolips Rising - Oreh Nallaf, a Young Justice fanfic (WIP)

Two-Faced, a Justice League fanfic (WIP)

Steal A Kiss, a Young Justice fanfic (WIP)

Love, Then Marriage, a Young Justice fanfic (WIP)

Kiss and Make-Up, a Justice League/Justice League Unlimited fanfic (WIP)

Destruction of The Innocent, a X-Men Evolution fanfic (WIP)

Is This Room Occupied, a X-Men Evolution fanfic (WIP)

It's That Time of Year, a Young Justice fanfic (WIP)

Things I'd Like To Say, a Young Justice fanfic (WIP)

Weapon, a Young Justice fanfic (WIP)

It's All In The Game, a Young Justice fanfic (WIP)

Two Broken Souls, a Young Justice fanfic (WIP)

Reward, a X-Men Evolution fanfic (WIP)

# - in the middle of possibly revising story

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