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Things I hate in Fanfics

Bashing - All these are just the same. Super fangirl Sakura, I'm an elite Uchiha Sasuke, I need to atone for my sins to Obito Kakashi, blame Naruto for Minato's death/Prophecy Jiraiya, blame Naruto for Kushina's death Tsunade

Mob Beating/Running From A Mob - Naruto can outrun ninjas but yet get caught by a some villagers

Neglect/Abandoned By Family - I highly doubt Minato and Kushina (two orphans) would do this to even go so far as to forget they even have a son all because of some prophecy. I get fanfic but come on. Plus ever neglect/abandoned stories are the same. They believe his siblings are the "child of prophecy" they realize what they doing but is too late both his brother and sister hate him, bullied him, and are really spoiled brats

Hated by family - Kushina was a Jinchuriki but hate Naruto for being one yea no

Banished - Dumbest shit ever like why in the god name would they get rid of their Jinchuriki

NTR/Cheating - Naruto would never cheat on Hinata, Hinata would never EVER cheat on Naruto, Sakura would never EVER cheat on Sasuke, and Sasuke would never cheat on Sakura

Genderbending - If there is not a good reason for it and it's just to make the harem larger I hate it

Rape - Yes mind control is rape no if's, and's, or but's about it

MC OC's - IDK why just don't like it

Fake Crossovers - Yes, I have seen a lot of this. They think just cause they have the same name and personality they are the same. If they have zero connections to their world then it's just an in-name-only type of thing. Might as well just use an OC

Things I Like In Fanfic

Friendly Team 7 - I just love when they get along or they became friends before becoming a team

OP Naruto and or OP Team 7 -

Character Reacting

Alive Minato And Kushina

Raised By Tsunade And Or Jiraiya



My Favorite Anime/Manga( in no specific order)


One Piece

DragonBall Z


Black Lagoon


Rosario Vampire(MANGA ONLY)

Samurai Champloo


And Many more just too many to put on this

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