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I am reading and reviewing here for quite a long time. I started with the Harry Potter Fandom (Books, in the first line), then went on and added NCIS to my list, and what fascinates me since I saw the very first season on DVD, from the very first episode, is House M.D. and the fascinating and talented Mr. Hugh Laurie, who gave the soul to a jerk of a character and hooked me on the long haul.

I am a middle aged woman from Switzerland with a loving but complicated family, husband and two grown up kids. I wouldn't have them any other way.

I do that for a living what Mr. Laurie is pretending to do, currently in Germany (I go home on regular terms two days a week). As hard as the job is, I love it and intend to do it as long as I can manage, surely a few years behind the normal retiring age, I guess until I start losing my wits or kick the bucket, whatever comes first.

I’ve done translating before, but not a lot. My time is short, so I must take care. Following story fascinated me and I got that itch in my fingers to translate it into German. I dedicate my first translation of a story in the House M.D. Fandom to my friends Violettblack’s lovely Mother.

Ich widme diese Übersetzung der Mutter meiner liebsten Freundin, Violettblack, die kein Englisch liest: Arlenes Ratschlag von Anon004 http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6913051/1/

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