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Age- 32

Gender- Male

Occupation- Undetermined

Likes- Anime in general, action, sci-fi, comedy and Horror. Also a glutton for romance.

Dislikes- Too many to list.

Hobbies- Writing reading and drawing.

Goals- To make something of myself.

Been awhile since I have written anything. Looking back at all of my old work I can't help but cringe after seeing what I used to write. In all honesty I should pull all of my stories down and delete them. I just don't like the direction I took with any of them because after a while the drive and direction I wanted to take got too influenced by other stories and the main plots of cannon. So I may or may not take them all down to either scrap them or hell even put them for adoption. Another reason I haven't written for so long except for my latest disaster at least in my eyes. Was that I am now the father of three demanding little girls and one son. Who are the love's of my life. So they take precedence over anything else. But other than that I am going to look over my stories and see whether or not I'll keep them, ditch them or give em up. Its only fair since there are fans or there were fans of my work. BTW for those of you who liked followed or pm'ed me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the only reason why I don't give this up for good. I don't plan on giving up my story writing, but I am not going to put out half assed work anymore.


(NOV 14th 2006) The day of my first official post.

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