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CarissaWinchester PM
Joined Dec '18
  • Hi I'm Carissa I'm a trekkie!!!

  • I have a overwhelming love for Lucifer Morningstar's...brother. don't get me wrong though Luci's hot!!! but Amendiel...damn.

  • and star trek the og series

  • next generation

  • discovery

  • deep space nine

  • voyager

  • picard

  • Lower Decks

  • and even Enterprise

  • Musicals are amazing.

  • I have to much free time on my hands

  • on occasion I watch big bang theory

  • I'm 14 years old

  • I love Marvel Stuff...DC is ok

  • Zadkiel is my new favorite angel since lucifers God now

  • Spockums got major daddy issues but I love him

  • I believe that if data was human he would still kinda be like a Android

  • Spock and kirk are gay

  • Spock and bones are gay

  • Hugh and paul are gay

  • merlin and arther are gay

  • Sam and Gabriel are gay

  • everyone is gay

  • IM GAY

  • Well...Panromantic...

  • Lucifer and Chloe are the best couple of TV history

  • I'm gonna die on the inside when Lucifer ends

  • my favorite actors are...

  • William Shatner

  • Danny Kaye

  • Zachary quinto

  • My music taste changes every 5 minutes

  • I love myself and hate myself but I'm living life gone girl style

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