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Corona has effectively made it impossible for me to work, but having no duties is a whole new experience; a strict lockdown came into effect in November, with the exception of Christmas, so, no fitness training, no coffee and cake hen parties... Thank goodness distancing is no problem for me as long as letters, e-mails and telephone calls are an option. As a few cases of Covid were discovered in the nursing home, one member of staff who knows birds has taken over for me until the 25th. The victims have recovered from their infections and, in general, numbers are dropping.

Apart from writing stories, my hobbies are sciences, especially ecology, evolution, genetics, geophysics, and I am active in nature conservancy. As to reading, nearly every topic apart from detective stories and romantic novels is perfectly fine; romance invariably has the effect of a high dose of valium. American-style humour is something I love - the vocalizations, the wordplays, the exaggerations..., or else dry humour, plays on words..

My favourite peoples still are the Bajorans and the Cardassians so I ended up finagling my story line to be able to enjoy both. Admittedly, there is hardly any people I dislike in the series. Okay, so the Skreeans were not very prepossessing, but then, they were never mentioned again, so that the viewer could not treally get to know them. Wonder what happened to them anyway... how they experienced the Dominion War, if they noticed it at all, but I'm not going to write that specific story. If someone wants the idea, do take it, enjoy working on it.

Nearly all of my stories have been reworked, some of them massively, such as Transition or Developments and subsequently uploaded to A03 as I have not been able to find any possibility to edit stories that are over a year old on fanfiction.net. The last story in Beyond The Curtains of Fire, One People - One Goal is uploaded now after finally getting an ending. Now that my series is completed, I plan to patch up some holes in the story line and get going on the Quark-Lang one I have been considering for the past year or so.

Sunday is my day for checking out new stories; my comment remains the same: There are some really great ones out there! To my fellow fans: You keep writing, I'll keep reading.

Reviews would be nice to get ... and if someone has an idea (apart from getting rid of my Gul), I'll happily consider it as long as it isn't slash or romance.

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