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I'm Marsgoddess,and I love to write.

I love Sailor Mars/ Princess of Mars/ Rei Hino she is my favorite female anime characters.

Favorite pairing for Rei: First I'm attracted to villians so I love her with villians as well as much as a Hero. Heero/Rei Vegeta/Rei Goku/Rei Sesshoumaru/Rei Inuyasha/Rei Nakago/Rei Tasuki/Rei Hotohori/Rei Trowa/Rei Milliardo/Rei I even like the clacsic couple:Rei/Jeadite

I also love Kagome form Inuyasha, she reminds me of Rei. I'm a big Kagome/Sesshoumaru fan as well a Kagome/Nuraku fan. I like Yui from FY mostly I'd like a Nakago/Yui pairing or a Hotohori/Yui I love Dragonball Z! Rei may be my favorite character, but DBZ is my favorite Anime. It's a Vegeta thing. Don't get me wrong i like other characters too like SM: Haruka and Usagi and others. I just like Rei the best

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