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So, after several (well, a couple, anyway) people recommended I set up an account here, I finally took the plunge.

I've been involved in fanfic since 1992, and started writing my own stories in '95.

I write yuri stories, better'n some, worse than others, in a rather cyclic fashion -- I don't write anything for months, or years, then I write a big chunk, then I don't write for a few months.

Posting things here wouldn't be so cyclic, but it is.

Sweet Dreams was written in early 2007. It only took me an hour to get it to a point where ff.n wouldn't maul it, but still. Ick.

Confrontation was written in about 1997, and ff.n decided not to maul it at all. Bah.

The main Final Attempt stories are all posted, and I'm getting the Asides and Scrapbook entries posted.

Dark Kingdom Rising was started in the early 2000s, as I realized Final Attempt was getting holey, and my time in the Army warped my brain.

And I'm on AO3 as ssfr, so Tip (written 1999-2000) and Rescue (2007) are up there. GFH will get posted there, too, probably.

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