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Yo. my name's Tiki. Sometimes known as That Troper or That Other Troper... but who isn't?

College graduate (technically) who deeply wishes he could just sit his a ss down and write something. A few ideas, but nothing "penned" down yet.

I suppose I like to write serious, yet ridiculous stories. Drabbles rock. Crossovers interest me immensely. But only the good ones. CRACK pairings are a must. Just keep it in character kids. One-shots are almost always the best, unless you take into a SERIES of one-shots. Pure Love. Especially when it's mainly comedy.

On a side note, I REALLY need to weed out my favorite story/author section. But they're all so GOOD... if you've got way too much time on your hands, I recommend sifting through. You're unlikely to be disappointed (entirely).

I practiced writing HERE: http:///

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