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Hey guys! The name is Kaikan and I am a slashaholic. Im serious I love all slash and I love writting it. Im currently a Business Marketing major planning to become a chef. My favorite stories are usually in Buffy, Angel, Big Wolf on Campus, Wrestling, Power Rangers, and most recently Degrassi and Desperate Housewives.

Favorite Pairings:

Buffy: Angel/Xander

Big Wolf on Campus: Tommy/Merton

Wrestling: John Cena/Randy Orton, Randy/Batista, Cena/Batista, Matt/Kane(yea I know strange pairing)

Power Rangers: Nick/Xander, Nick/Chip, Sky/Bridge, Tommy/Jason, etc...

Degrassi: Spinner/Marco, Jimmy/Craig, Marco/Dylan.

Desperate Housewives: Andrew/Justin

I love reading Slash fics and helping when people would like help. And if people would like to help me with advice thats great or even offering to beta would be amazing since I sort of have a problem with character development, grammar, and sometimes running out of ideas on how to keep the story interesting. So those who would like to be a beta please email and anyone with ideas for my stories email and send me the idea, I might use it. Thanks for reading and Keep reviewing.


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