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Hey I'm Destiny Shadow~
hmmm... about myself... well I'm pretty mellow really, i don't wanna be negative about stuff so I'll always try to look at things in a somewhat good outlook depending on the intensity of a problem. (Or i hope i do... my friends say so all time, but ya know friends..)
At first people think I'm pretty shy, well i guess i am.. but that's just because i don't know you very well i open up
When i do you'll see the very hyper, random, weird thing that is me (don't ask you'll see later on)
Anyways as u might already know i someday hope to go into the writing field, I've made many poems and some little stories. (if you even like i'll send u some i've got many samples _)
But I wouldn't mind doing something with psychology, always loved it
Or writing with psychology, and french! (for that reason u may ask me .~)
Well i guess that's it, but just so u know u can be yourself with me and i won't judge you ya no matter what (except if ur some axe murder..)

I've posted some of my poetry on gaiaonline.

through this link u can view here http:///journal/?u=3217288

i hardly go on that account any more though this is the link to the account i use now


Finding Melody

Its something thats been in my head for awhile and i haven't wrote about it until now, it started in New Moon when Alice is mentions her sister Cynthia and her daughter. She never says anything specific about them which is to be expected but it left me unsatisfied so i started to imagine what kind of girl Alice's niece is and how Cynthia was and the more i thought about it the more the story wrote itself it my head. Its been bugging me for awhile, plus it really annoyed me how few wrote about it and when it was i left me displeased probably because it wasn't the way i would've written it, so here it is! You'll hear more about Cynthia later on but lets get to know Melody 1st shall we and the mysterious vampire around her.

I'm writing a poem right now its called 'perfect' but its not done yet.. but here's a preview of it!

perfection.. does it really exist?

Is it possible to be glorious in every way?

Or is that a child's fantastic desire?

There no such thing as perfect, if their was you'd be God!

Trying to be such an impossibility.. is like asking to be let down.

To some one might think another is such but to others they'll think otherwise.

In my experience I've come to deem everyone perfect in way, but really truly?

Never, its merely an expression of what you wished you saw in the mirror..~

Well there it is.. im not thrilled with it yet, but its okay for now. What do you think? I'm always grateful for opinions _

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