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Name: Sakizm

Age: Early 20's

Gender: Girl

My stories:

Welcome to Parenthood - I blame Tenzin for the inspiration. It started with an idea of Aang and Tenzin as being the only two airbenders and Aang's point of view of hoping for an airbender. Now its a series of one-shots featuring the members of Team Avatar (Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, and Zuko) of their parenthood. From pregnancy anxieties to sibling fights, a collection of AU stories featuring the next generation! Set after Avatar: the Last Airbender and before Legend of Korra. (In-progress- updates whenever I get ideas)

Beginning of an End - Was inspired by the opening sequence of the first episode of the Legend of Korra. I wanted to write a one-shot of Aang finding out he had not long to live. The transition of Aang's death and Korra's birth. Korra's parents finding out that she is the new Avatar. (Complete)

Note: As of 2/9/15 I decided to delete both Avatar: Peter Pan and Independence because its been 3 years without any updates and I do not have any of the next chapters written so I decided to delete the stories. Sorry about that.

Upcoming stories:

When the Sun Saw the Moon - I was largely inspired by Game of Thrones at first then it turned into a little Zutara AU of mine that just won't leave me alone. It will be my first ever Zutara fic I write. I have the outline done so I just need to start writing!!

Other places to find me at:

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