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I enjoy reading. I write when I feel inspired, but had really given up writing fanfiction since I was thirteen, more years ago than I usually like to admit! I published five one-shots so that I could qualify to beta here on FFnet. I am a language enthusiast, and speak a few languages. I originally knew and studied American dialect English, but have tried to master world/British English as well. My fics may be written in either, depending on my mood and which I feel fits best for that particular fic.

I love sharing the love of writing and reading, and of English language. I am hard as a beta--very technical and deep into grammar, though I know and point out that sometimes grammar has to take the back seat to style. FFnet has been there as a source of entertainment and inspiration for me for a very, very long time. I felt it was finally time to get over my fears, post my five ficlets, and start doing what I love and helping more people write and read the fruits of our minds.

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