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Hi there,

I'm Alzilur, and I love to write yaoi but my english is not very good so I have betas. They helped a lot.

My betas is Saraste, Kichijouji, Koishi Tenshi and Neptunesdemon, they all have accounts here and write good stories so

go on and check out their stories.

I have an obsession with long dark haired guys so naturally my fave characters is :-

1- Miroku ( Inuyasha ) poor thing got slapped so often, he needs ta get laid by the right people/youkai

2- Chang Wufei ( Gundam Wing ) Fei fei needs mwore attention and lurve

3- Erestor ( LOTR ) gotta love a mysterious and exotic elf

4- Vincent Valentine ( Final Fantasy VII ) wanna coddle him...poor vinny needs lotsa lovin'

5- Genjo Sanzo ( saiyuki ) the only blond here, can't help but love his prissy attitude!

6- Hephaestion(Jared Leto) that guy have gorgeous eyes! Yummy

Well...thats it for now...I'll update the list when I found another bishie to be obsessed with.

I have more then 20 stories here and most of it's not finished yet, worry not, I'm not abandoning it. Its just that

since my computer crashed and destroyed all my ficcies, updates, story outlines and ideas from my betas, I found

it hard to remember what I wrote and re-write.

Oh and to those that wanted my lemons that I cant send here please send your email like this alzilur at yahoo dot com if

you FF PMed me.

Oh yeah almost forgot...I have an LJ account and most of my stories is there, most of them arent beta'ed. Once you're there, please check out the communities we have. http : // alzilur - archive . livejournal . com /

I have recently dip my quill into Saiyuki and Final Fantasy 7 realm but I sent 'em to my LJ because they're not beta'ed.

updated on 11.11.2008- note ( computer got virus and lost a few more files!! darn! )

NEW UPDATE ON 30.09.2009

I Stopped writing as my usual readers can see...since every fiction i've written has been deleted. I decided to start writing anew.

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