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Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Constantine, Throne of Glass and fangirl!!

In arrow I love all characters and all pairings except Felicity and Olicity. Olicity is trash and Felicity is a liar and self centered person who thinks she"s the smartest but she is actually useless and dumb and let’s not forget ugly. I mainly ship Nyssa/Oliver, Shado/Oliver, Olier/Sara or Laurel/Oliver. Some crossover ships i like are: Oliver/Lena Luthor, Oliver/Iris West. Oliver has been through so much and Felicity makes him sound weak and dumb. She tries to change him, but doesn’t want to change for him. Laurel was the best character, and Nyssa is strong. Thea and Roy shipping will be in every story I write. I also absolutely love Shado, Anatoly, Constantine, Deathstroke and Tatsu Yamashiro. Also Flash and maybe the Avengers will pop up in my stories! I totally ship Oliver/Natasha Romanova

For legends of tomorrow I mainly ship Sara/Constantine, and I love Mick and Snart.

For Supergirl Kara/Mon-El.

For Throne of Glass Aelin(Celaena)/Rowan and Aelin(Celaena)/Sam of coarse! Although I like Celeana a lot more than Aelin, She's simply a more developed character! I wish someone would write a Throne of glass and Arrow crossover.

- LizaSandorthien

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