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This is Tigresssss, and I like to write stories about Young Justice and read stories about young justice. I am currently working on a crossover story between DC's Legends of Tommorrow and Young Justice called In Wonderland. I am also working on a crossover story between the Flash and Young Justice called Driving Me Crazy, if you wanted to check that out. Thanks for reading! (I do not own any of the images, although I wish I could draw well enough to own one of them) and have a wonderful day!

If you are opposed to homosexuality, the color of any persons skin, anyone's gender, transgender people, "girly" men, "manly" women, you can do whatever you want to your body, criminal justice reform, adoption, disabilities, abortion, and the weight/size of any person; please know that if I catch you being prejudice in any way I will block and report you. You can think what you want in private but if you are bullying people using any of these reasons STOP. If you are being bullied let a website official know, they can help. If you believe this repost it on your account. Stay happy and stay safe!

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