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Nefarious Seraph 13 PM
Bio Fav: Stories
Joined Dec '06

Gender: Female

DOB: February 19

Astrological Sign: Pisces/Aquarius

Birth Stone: Amethyst (Bloodstone, Onyx, Moonstone)

About Myself: There really isn't much to say. I love reading good fanfiction, but I don't write any. I have pretty good grammar and plot ideas, but I never have the time. Plus, if I spent time writing, I'd never get to read any. *laugh*

I don't mind getting messaged, so feel free to do so whenever you want to.


FYI: Due to some questions from people, I thought I'd make it clear that when I gain a liking to a pairing, it just has to do with something in my heart saying that they "click". Heterosexual and homosexual relations are equal in my eyes.

Quirks: At times I get so focused on something that I write too fast and make careless mistakes that make me look illiterate... *sigh* Also, reasons I favorite different fanfictions are various, so I prefer not to be judged on that sort of thing.

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