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Name: Scarlet

Hobbies: Reading, writing (poetry and stories), Tae Kwon Do, Drawing (you see those hands in my profile picture, yes I drew them and yes they are amazing), and music.

Religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (in other words I am a Mormon)

Books: Jane Austen, Patricia A. McKillip, Patricia Briggs, Ted DeKker, and Tolkien. My three favorite books are Pride and Prejudice, A Room With a View, and Winter Rose.

Music: I absolutely love all types of music, except for most rap and super hard rock. I listen to mostly country (Brad Paisley is amazing), Irish/Celtic folk (John Doyle, the High Kings, Celtic Woman, Celtic Thunder, etc), and Christian rock (i.e. Skillet, Disciple, Pillar, Relient K, Fireflight, and Flyleaf). I am also a huge fan of instrumental scores, and musicals.

What/Why I write: I love to write poetry, and fantasy romance (clean mind you). I write because it is an amazing outlet, especially poetry. Poetry to me is what your heart really is trying to say, and the only way it can really truly express itself, is through verse, whether the subject be love, anger, sorrow, or anything else, it is what lays in the deepest corners of ones soul. I write fiction because it isn't real, because there is always the ability to create a happy ending no matter the story, and fantasy just lets your imagination wander enough to let it create its very own world independent from our own.

Why I insist all my writing is clean: Love and lust are different things, and I believe they should be portrayed as what they truly are. Love is selfless, and lust isn't.

HIATUS: Just about all of my stories are on a permanent HIATUS, because I really don't care for many of them any more. My writing has changed a lot since I began most of them, as have I and what I write. So if any one would like to have them continued, it is up to them to ask me and I will allow them to be taken over, and would love to beta them, if they would like me to do so.

Links: Poetry

Just for all your guys information, I am currently in the works of writing a Kel/Joren fic with Ally-Marty called Uncommon Attraction, we have a joint account called the Dawn of the Sky so go check us out because it is going to be amazing _

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