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Hi my names rachel as you can see from my penname i am a big fan of bones,supernatural,ncis

i also like angel, buffy, bones , house , ncis, supernatural, Smallville.

i am 40 yrs old but from the start i have always been a huge fan of anything david boreanaz does.

I have know writen my first Fanfic with the help of a dear friend bnbfanatic love you hon.

i am know on my second story see below for title this is know all writen out so will be posting soon.

Here are some potential storys i have in mind to do.

1-FORTUNES OF WAR this is a story about booths time in the rangers will also inclued his gambling problem NO COMPLETE and have know posted first chapter

2-WOLFRAM & HARTS DAYCARE this story will be about angel & cordelias twins & fred and wesleys twins as well so this will be a A/U STORY

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