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Good Stories:

Author: The Red Dragons Order - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/517332/1/

Title: The Saga of the Red Dragons Order 1

Comment: It's a really good story. I read most of this author's stories.

Author:Yih - Harry Potter and the Mirror Of Paradox

Comment: There's three series of this story. I think the last one haven't finish yet the last time I checked. It's a really good story where Harry went into a magic mirror made by Voldemort and went to a alter-reality where he died in that world. Voldemort took over in that world and he have to find a way back some how. It's a lot more interesting than what I have stated here.

Saturnblue's Challenge #1:

This will be Inuyasha/HP/Naruto crossover fanfiction. During the final battle of good vs. evil a mirror of gray shined through. Due to a surprise from the least expected cost the hero's life at least that was what the witness believed to be. Our hero Harry due to three spells collide that cost a rip through time near him landed him to another dimension with no way to return.

1. Voldemort had fallen in the final battle with Harry.

2. A spell meant to cause harm to Harry was mispronounced by the least expected caster.

3. That least expected caster have to be pretending to be working for the light side but gained the light side's trust at least some of them. It can't be Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Sirius, Remus, or even Severus. Be creative on who will be the least expected caster. Someone that is close yet not too close to Harry.

4. Kikyou/Inuyasha pairing - make sure to have them suffer some before reuniting them again as the couple.

a) Kouga/Ayume pairing

b) Kagome with someone in the federal era not future. I can't see her dating with someone from the future if she had a taste of the wild in the past. Her mate cannot be human. The human in that era won't understand her visa and verse.

5. The main pairing is Sesshoumaru/Harry (male). I don't want both of them mindless in love or fall in love without it seem gradual. Harry will be a demon but that transformation will not occur not until one or few of his bloodline being released.

6. Harry have some bloodline still locked away and will be unsealed at a later time. One of them is a demon bloodline from his father's ancestors.

7. Sesshoumaru was turned into a human by someone or a organization of your own choosing. He will have to meet Harry at some point. Both of them have to go on a journey of some sort in order to turn Sesshoumaru back into a demon he was. What will happen from the beginning to the end it will be up to you. Good luck.

8. Be Creative. No Bashing of characters also.

If you decide to take this challenge please contact me that way I can recommend it to others and put in into my C2 community forum. Unless you want to co-write it with me but contact me any way please state it so.

PS. You don't have to follow number 7 suggestion but I created so it will be a bit easier for whoever that wanted to take this challenge to get Sesshoumaru into a role that is not too obvious in order to pair him up with Harry. If I made too many demand than I'm sorry because I really want to read a good well written Sesshoumaru/harry pairing story that does not involved pairings acting too unlike them that make it unrealistic. This story will contain slash, & heterosexual, pairings.

Current writing:

Harry Potter and the Destiny to be.

Summary: Harry Potter is not we always thought to be. He once was someone we least expected to be. His life was erased the day of his birth. The day of a terror where millions of witches and wizard would wet their pants/skirt if they would be there but it would also cause them to jump in joy just to be there to witness something so significant yet sorrowful at the same time. Who will Harry Potter be when all is said and done?

Notice: It won't be finish for some time. I'm still trying to get all the details correct while writing this story. It will be for while before it's completely done. When this story will be uploaded I might write a second version of this story. Since for the first version it will be three or four part saga. At first I was going to write it in one but after some thought, thought it might be better to break into parts that way it might prevent some confusions. The second version of this story will be how I was originally going to write it as. The story will be the same just the style it was write it in difference. I'm writing a few chapters first to see which version is better.

PS. I have another idea for a HP story but that won't be written until this one is completely finished. Since I have so many inspiration for this one might as well finish this one first before tackling another idea of mine. This new idea will be different from my first idea of HP story.

If you can read this message, you are blessed because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all.

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