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hi, my name is joy. i love writing reading and drawing.

i am now writing my own fanfiction but i am a full-time student so i don't update that often. i try to update at least once a month per story but if i don't make a deadline I'm sorry. I'm currently working on five fanfics at a time and hope to get a consistent upload scheduled up and running

Thank you all for supporting my stories. remember to leave reviews on your favorite stories! it always encourages and inspires me to get them out faster!

also. please note that my story Rescued from the Dursleys is on hiatus, i have lost my muse for the story and am taking a small NON PERMANENT break from it. i will still be working on it from time to time when I get inspiration but my other stories come first as I am inspired to write them thank you.

ATTENTION! I am now posting pictures on Instagram to accompany my chapters to certain stories. I forgot to notify you of this in Bella's Secret during the last update. my username there is Mysteryheart8 blessed be!

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