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Hi, dear reader (whoever you may be) and welcome to Tigger101's profile page!

So - I've been reading fanfiction for (counts on fingers) 3 years now as an anonymous viewer, and after getting sick of not being able to review, I finally got myself an account.
Maybe in another three years I'll actually stop just reading other people's fantastic fiction, and post some of my own that are lurking in my harddrive... (as if THAT'LL happen. It's soo much easier to just feast on other people's ideas. Not that I'm encouraging YOU to do that!)

A few people have asked me why I don't post my own stories if I'm able to give so much criticism. Two reasons...

1) Too lazy. Pure and simple. Reviewing and beta-ing are so much easier!!

2) Too cowardly. I would drive myself insane trying to perfect something before I ever had the guts to put it up in the public domain. It's a wonder I even get my assignments done. ;)

I like to consider myself a loyal reviewer - if I read the first chapter and I like it it goes on alert straight away and I'll keep reviewing. My "policy" is to give constructive criticism - I write a lot too and I know how helpful it is when I show my work to friends and they give me pointers and advice rather than just fluffing.

I think it works - a lot of people reply and tell me how much they like my honesty. Until recently I used to only review when I could find more good to say than bad - I didn't want to write something fakely nice, or be totally blunt and have people think I'm flaming them (I reviewed a terrible Clana fic once and told her so - she thought I hated the ship (which I do - lol. But seriously...) and sent me back a rather nasty reply. hehe)

This ESPECIALLY rankles when authors specifically beg for reviews and "helpful" criticism, and then backlash - don't be hypocrites, people!! Reviewers are only trying to make your story better - they aren't getting anything out of it!

You want to know about me? Probably, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Or you could be as bored as I am now; writing this instead of doing work.
Well - Like the majority of people on this site - I love writing, reading and watching both good TV shows and movies.

As a Gemini - I tend to be a little fickle, and get latched to one fandom for a couple of months, before seeing something else and "moving on".
At the moment it's a mixture of Disney's Sky High and Smallville (Tom Welling. Hmmm) - but I also access from time to time everything from Eragon to High School Musical to Tamora Pierce to Radio Free Roscoe to my first love, Harry Potter.

Update - My newest love? Supernatural. God, those boys are H.O.T!!!!

You can probably tell I'm a bit of a romantic (don't tell anyone - I'm known as a total pessimistic cynic!) and a dedicated shipper, but I have tended to enjoy the odd fanfiction fantasy and mysteries and I love some decent (often rather sarcastic, especially on Smallville at the moment) humour.

Ships? I have preferred relationships, yes - and I love reading well writte fanfiction on them, especially when there is chemistry, but it is unlikely to (or taking a damn long time. Daniel/Betty, anyone?) happen in the book/movie/TV show. I can't STAND slash - no offense, I respect people's choices, but its not something I could read.

Harry/Hermione - the only one I was willing to tolerate, before JK shot it down!! pouts

Draco/Hermione - there's something so romantic about the "badboy" and the "smart girl"...

Layla/Warren - Sky High - Gotta love that badboy with flame tattoos... (and Layla is such an awesome character in her own right. I'm SICK of Warren-chasing-Mary Sues!)

Clark/Lois - it's destined, right? Even WITH Erica Durance... - Smallville/Superman Returns (Brandon...)

Or Clark/Chloe - Smallville

PS - I'm starting to get sick of this ship. Chloe deserves someone better. Some people in this fandom have thrown up Oliver McQueen, Bart Allen, Bruce Wayne, and today I read one with Richard White (he's Lois fiance from Superman Returns, and nephew to the editor of the Daily Planet, Perry White). My PERSONAL favorite is a crossover with Supernatural - so either Chloe/Dean Winchester, or Chloe/Sam Winchester. If you want to check out some of them, get on the Winchullivan LJ community and have a read. I love the stories by Clarksmuse, Pen37 and Lunar Knightz especially. :)

PS: CLARKSMUSE IS NOW ON FANFICTION! CHECK HER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chad/Taylor - High School Musical (Sssh! No-one must know how much I love HSM. Go Wildcats! ;)

And out of loyalty to a close friend, I must add House/Cameron :) even though I have a certain bias towards our darling blonde Sydneysider Dr. Robert Chase - from House MD
(Happy now, s.a.r.d? You know I love you.)

Lastly - can I give a big mention to the aforementioned close friend, who is known here as s.a.r.d (slam a revolving door) and some of my favorite authors, who always takes the time to reply to my reviews and respect my opinions- the amazing, talented and versatile Jeune Chat (check out War and Peace; it ROCKS), the awesome Lexie2 and Morvan Morhanlal; and darling KeeperChic (Her intriguing Eragon stories have made me see the original books in a... kinder light)

PS: I'm now beta-ing for Morvan Morhanlal's wonderful, if rather angsty, story "Darker Roads" in the Smallville fandom. Be sure to check it out and tell him what you think!

Oooh - can everyone PLEASE check out "We're all haunted" by slam a revolving door? This HHr angst fic was written on my request, and I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out my favorites page - it's small, but filled with only the best.
Happy reading!!


UPDATE - August 07 - On a bit of a hiatus, so I'm not around nearly as much as I used too. Got some time - check out the fanfiction communities around LJ ... the quality on LJ is very high, and awesome for looking for a specific ship or type of story.
The beautiful avatar I've got up is courtesty of lj user kookicon

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