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~~ welcome to my world~~

I am 16

I was the writer of I learned from you.

The decit of the truth-troyella

The secret life of Hermoine Granger-dramoine

The baby project-troyella

The masters secret-troyella

Ghost whisperer-troyella

The game they can't stop- troyella

But unfortunately some idiot had deleted my stories and tried to change my password but the new password was sent to my email adress.. SO Ha! how pathetic?

I love To sing,act dance and write, There like kewl hobbies and I love to read.

I am absolutly in love with Zac efron lol but I love Zanessa ~~~~~~~~~~Im a big Fan.

Kira chan- my best friend Blondie chan-me

That is our code names for all those perverts,Oh yeah i got you SICKOS.

One day talking about my new upcoming story, I referred Kira-chan to Hermoine Granger in my story I wide my eyes cling on to her dramatically.

Me-"Did Lucius Malfoy rape you too!"

Kira-"Yeaaah and his smelt like pineapples" Her eyes welling up.

Me-" I know when he done it to me, It smelt like MELLON"

We cry together, then Kira said sniffling, "Then HE MADE ME BRUSH AND CONDITION IT"

Yes, thats just the way we role, We lobe you! Or smell you haha

A friend would bail you out of jail but a best friend would be at your side and say: Dude that was freaking awesome.

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