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I'm Asian and I've got an obsession for any anime that is good with awesome plot line.I live in the states and I'm totally in love with Asian cultures, especially Japanese culture! It really rocks, because there are tons of interesting stuff that goes on in their history but you'd really have to read about it. One of my favorite stories having to do with Japan is called the Samurai's Daughter.

Well anyways, stuff about me...

I love summers but I also like winter, because my birthday is there. I like the dark shades of colors and sometimes light shades, but that really all depends on my mood to be exact. Yet, my favorite color would be blue/black, because they just seems to suit me a lot! I love roses and cherry blossoms. That's about it and a list of my favorite Animes will be at the bottom.

Anime list:


Sailor Moon



Any Gundam Series

Ronin Warriors

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Mermaid Melody PPP/Pure



Full Metal Alchemist

Fairy Tail

& many more!! -.-

General Notice:

Something else about me is that I'm very direct and I will not go around on a topic. If something looks wrong or out of place; I will go ahead and mention it in the review. I don't want to sugar coat things at all. It will just give a false impression on things. So, if you don't want anyone to review your work at all...Disable your reviews. Sorry if it sounding too harsh, but I had someone complain that it was tactless. I will not name names because that is completely tactless and mean. Reviews are meant to be a combination of the good and the bad. So, honestly take it as a grain of salt and proofread your stuff before posting or if your busy just ask for a Beta to look at it. That way you can get another pair of eyes to look. It doesn't hurt at all.

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