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Name: Just call me Dark.

Age: Psh. What's it matter.

General Info: Alright. I play video games when it suits me (and when there is time... life often interupts that...), I read manga when I am in the mood, and I love writing (and drawing. If there's time). I am a huge yaoi fan, but I am not against reading or writing hetero fics at all. I like Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Legend of Zelda, and a bunch more... those just came to mind... And I also enjoy crossovers. Also, I believe Mpregs to be the funniest f-in' things on the world wide internet, thus I may write them and anyone who has a problem with that can kiss my ass.

I have been afflicted by a serious case of writer's block for a reaaaaaaaaally long time, so many of my stories have been put on a major hold.

Story Ideas:

I have a lot of things going right now, and getting them all straight in my head is giving me a migraine... I honestly have about 20 different stories and fics running loose through my head causing quite a bit of strife... thus why I haven't worked on Pyrus and Kinetica lately.

So, as a general summary, here is what I do have somewhat straightened out:

Lone Pyrus, Silent Kinetica - I am working on it and starting to fill in some of the unfortunate gaps my muse left. It is a WIP.

Untitled FemEd - Uh... I haven't posted the first chapter of this one yet... It takes place during the first anime, only Ed was born a girl and was hiding it. She gets found out eventually and through a series of events she ends up in a bit of a predicament... I might post that one soon...

The Queen of the Gerudos: Shadow Saged - For anyone who happened to have read my first story posted, and likewise removed, I am still working on this one. I am currently rewriting part one, with the intention of making a series of about seven fics to complete the whole. Shadow Saged is part one, and the introduction of a few important characters through the series. It is a Zelda fic.

Favorite Pairings:

Bleach: Hichigo x Ichigo, Ichigo x Grimmjow, and for non-yaoi relief Rukia x Ichigo (or Hichigo)

FMA: Ed x Roy (duh), Roy x Hawkeye (they are SO damn cute together!), and AlWin (I put those in with the yaoi for relief). Havoc is fun to throw in there too... hehehe...

Naruto: SasuNaru... end of story, well, I do also like Naruto x Hinata

Legend of Zelda: Link x Dark Link, Link x Midna, Link x OC

Harry Potter: Harry x Draco (x Snape sometimes too... which seems weird, but is hilarious), and I really like Draco x Hermione.

Oh, and just 'cause I threw in a pairing, doesn' mean I will write it.

My Favorite Quotes (so far):

"When all else fails, blow shit up." -Unsure

"Welcome to the insanity that is me." -Again unsure

"What the fuck is with this guy?", "What the hell? It bounces? Who designs a gun that bounces? This is the worst gun ever...", "That guy was a dick..." -Wash (RvB)

And my favorite, "Fate is, we can but change how we deal with it." - Auric from the fic, Full Circle by Nike Femme

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