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OMFG. people really need to calm down. breath, stop being an ass, and get over yourselves people. if someone comments negatively about your characters actions, get the F over it. Especially if you do the same to begin with.

Seriously, why are people so hypocritical now on ? I left a review on a story by ???, saying that bella (twilight) was a moron for doing the very thing she was just told not to do. i didn't insult the author, i was commenting on bella's actions. Next thing i know, i get an insulting PM, and a block. So, i sign off, and left another review, this one pointing out that i wasn't insulting them, i was commenting on bella, and that they were being childish for the way they were reacting to the review, after that, i got threatened, insulted, called an idiot, and belittled all in one go.

At first i was really offended, then i looked said author up. Seriously, she does the exact same thing that i did, and yet freaks out when it's done to her? Seriously? In her reviews to people, she calls bella a jerk, edward a jerk, calls them stupid, says charlie is a horrible cop, that renne is a horrible parent, and every other insult based on the characters actions in the fanfic, and yet my comment of: '.. he tells her not to to them everything, so she tells them everything... what a moron.' get's me insulted, called stupid, insinuated that i have no ability to comprehend what i am reading, and generally belittled?

Wow, that is one over reaction.

Before this little incident, i actually liked the story (and was still in the process of reading it) afterwards, seriously, the author just ruined it.

Seriously, what is up with people flipping out so much now? If it had been 2 years ago, from back when my reviews were ACTUALLY insulting, not just commenting on the characters actions, i could understand, i was really rude back then (as a lot of you know), but really? a flip out over 'her actions were stupid'? O_O


Other names: Yaoimutt, dreamer531, Naruto's wings, dreamer135, Deathangle135
i'm legal, lets leave it at that
a cat that thinks that I'm her pet. -_-.
My Pokemon team (No legendaries): Zigzagoon, Sunkern, Chinchou, Munchlax, Hippowdon, Dewgong

Pairings i love:
naruto/sasuke, Naruto/Ino, gui/me (in my dreams), Asuma/me (Not even in my dreams), Me/tenten/ino/Temari (Yes, i like women too, only barely), Azuma/anyone, and Neji/Gaara
RENJI!/anyone (RenjiRenjiRenjiRenjiRenji! -keeps saying the name while people in white coats take me away to the nut house- RENJI!)

pairings that i like
Just about anything as long as it does not include Tsunade (twitch that's just plane grouse)
Harry Potter: no old people (-super twitch- ok, sometimes it's fine, like jiraiya from naruto, but not this series. it's just wrong.)
Full Metal Alchemist: Anything that does not include Pinoka or that giant bald guy (... no comment needed)
Bleach: i love me some ichigo/kuchiki, chad/anyone, urahara/anyone
One piece: give me a zoro any day, and maybe a few zolos as well. :D i actually like most guys in the series (not ussop), i also like Robin @.@
Yes, i know, there is a lot of things that people want me to do, but i haven't done them, like update my old fics, i WILL update them, but not right now... .

Past Polls - Please note that i only use the poll as a guide, the winner does not automatically go into the fic

Pokemon: Pokemon Master - Who should be Ashley's father? (27 people voted 3 times)
16 votes: Giovanni
12 votes: Norman
9 votes: Byron
6 votes: Volkner
5 votes: Prof. Oak
4 votes: Noland
3 votes: Brandon, Lt. Surge, Prof. Birch, Wallace
2 votes: Bruno 2
1 vote: Archie, Juan, have the fans create a character.1
Everything else got 0 votes.

Pokemon: Pokemon Master - What pokemon should evolve? (7 people voted 6 times)
6 votes: Pidgeotto (Ashley)
5 votes: shellder (Ashley)
4 votes: Goldeen (Ashley Giant one), Goldeen (Misty)
3 votes: spearow (Ashley m), Sandshrew (Ashley)
2 votes: Pidgey (Ashley), Weedle (Ashley's f), Oddish (Misty), Sandshrew (Brock)
1 vote: Rattata (Ashley), spearow (f), zubat (f), Paras (Ashley), Pollywag (Misty), Staryu (Misty), Clefairy (Misty), Zubat (Brock), Geodude (Brock)
0 votes: Weedle (Ashley m) zubat (Ashley m) 0 ยป 0
Voters: 7 voted 6 times


My life in one piece
Series: One Piece
Status: Ongoing
Fanart:Kaede 003ChocoKaede dancingKaede wanted posterSamakbama's Kaede FanartSamakbama's Kaede Fanart 2 captain choco head Kaede

Pokemon: Pokemon Master
Fanart: None

Understand me
Series: Naruto
Status: Edit in progress (started 4/15/09) (3/15 complete)
Fanart: None

Family bloodlines
Series: Naruto
Status: Hiatus
Fanart: None

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