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Heyy guys! Not much really to put on my profile, so... You might as well just know that i am hopelessly adiicted to Grey's anatomy and that's pretty much the only thing I read about. I try to read a lot of different kinds of stories, but as you might've noticed, my favorites are MerDer most of the time. What can I say? I love them!

About my story, "you've got to hide your love away," it's on hold. I lost all inspiration for it, and i realized that writing a story while in school is really stupid, i can never get anything done. So for now, I'll just stick to trying to get through all the new chapters in my fav stories... I'm really sorry to all those who were reading my story.

Check this out...

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Amzanig, huh? yaeh, and I awlyas thghout slpeling

was ipmorantt!! tahts so cool!!

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