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Current: Hello from the world of college! Changed my name from Nyhtmare to Sospel.


I've completely overhauled Resurrection yet again. Zuka has been swapped out for an original character (OC) and I've been working on chapters when I have the time. I will try to be more active this summer, but currently classes are keeping me from posting anything.

I start class again on the 8th of September. Chapters will be updated at a slower pace.

Chapter 4 or Resurrection is now up. Next chapter should come in September.

The new Resurrection has new been posted and updated with its prologue and first chapter. Go read it!

Editing Resurrection. Planning to completely delete the older version and re-post as I edit the semi-original chapters.

Who I Am: I am Sospel, or Peach to my friends. I grew up in a small town outside of Salt Lake City, Utah and lived there for 5 years before coming here to Minnesota.

I didn't really get into writing until 7th grade when I got really into anime and manga (and now I don't care for most of it). My friends told me about fanfiction which is where I started my first fanfic. My style, abilities and spelling have improved from practicing everyday. I even think in writer format now when I'm just day dreaming. I've won several writing contests and I've also been published in some small works by my college.

I'm currently in college for graphic design and at class for 10 hours a day 4 days a week, my life can sometimes get really really busy but I do try to squeeze in time for my stories.

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