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Author's Note: All Ideas/Challenges are at the bottom of my profile.

Hi! I'm Knight25

Age: 31

Likes: Card games, Video games, Fanfiction, TV, etc...

Dislikes: People who think there high and mighty cause they can do something another person can not do. Or people who randomly shoot and kill people at random for the heck of it.

Favorite Games: Darkstalkers 3, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, Ghost Rider, Tekken 1-5, Soul Calibur, Blood Omen, Blood Ryane, Dbz games, Original Power Ranger games for Snes-Saga, etc...

Favorite game characters: Morrigan, Lilith, Anita, and Jon Talbain from Darkstalkers; Dante from DMC; Ryu and Ken from SF; Goku and Vegeta from DBZ.

Favorite Anime: Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge; Dbz; Street Fighter 2; Blood ; Inuyasha; Yu Yu Hakusho; Black Rock Shooter; etc...

Favorite anti-heros: Vegeta, Seto Kiba, BK WarGreymon, Sesshomaru, Hiei.

Favorite Heros: Goku, Yami Yugi, Angemon, Inuyasha, Yusuke.

Youtube name is Knight41b.

The Devil Shooter Twins are fan made Otherselves that I created in Soul Calibur (V/5). Originally they didn't have any names besides Black = Boy and White = Girl. But now, they officially have names thanks to The Black Maiden (Thanks by the way :P) Black is now called Kuroshi which means Black Death and White is now called Shiroshi which means White Death. To see what they originally looked liked, just look up my Youtube name.

These are sort of idea's for stories that popped into my head: (If anyone feels like trying out these ideas as stories, go ahead. I would like to see what you can do with them.)

1.) Naruto cross-over with either (Black Rock Shooter, Lucky Star, or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) [For the BRS/Naruto crossover: Naruto must start out as a baby and fall into the Other-World. He can be raised either by an OC or by Black Gold Saw, Chariot, Strength, or Dead Master. He can have Other-Worlder type powers in compensation of losing his ability to use chakra and jutsu. He can return for the Chunnin exams. Also, ABSOLUTLY NO HAREMS! Anything beyond that is your call.]

[For the Lucky Star/Naruto crossover, Baby Naruto is raised by either Konata or Tsukasa. Either Konata or Tsukasa are stuck in Naruto's dimension and raise him or Kurama(Kyuubi) sent Naruto the Lucky Star verse to save him from the villagers. NO HAREMS. Anything beyond that is your call.]

[For the MMPR/Naruto crossover, Baby Naruto is either raised by a revived Scorpina and Goldar that can take on human form or is raised by human form version of the Dragonzord and Titanus. (For the Dragonzord/Titanus one, Naruto can and must be the only Ranger on his planet] NO HAREM please. Anything beyond that is your call.

2.)Harry Potter/ Lucky Star crossover [Konata and her friends are dropped into an alternate universe where the Harry Potter books actually happened. Konata finds out her counter-part disappeared and people mistake her for the daughter of a billionare version of her dad who died previously from guilt. She uses this position gain custody over Harry from the Dursleys. Armed with the knowlege of the books, how will Hogwarts handle a Harry they weren't expecting? Can have the usual bashing people see in these HP fanfics. No HAREM please]

3.) HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA VICTORY/DB-DBZ crossover [Neptune shows up on Kami's lookout during the last few weeks of Goku's training before his fight against Piccolo Jr. in the world martial arts tournament do to Rei Rights portal. Featuring a Goku that never agreed to marry Chi-Chi as a kid but still saved her, Neptune learns how to use Ki and fly in normal form, Gohan is Neptune and Goku's kid. They would both live in the Son house from the series with permission from the Ox King. Mirai Trunks/Nepgear later on. Everything else is your call.]

4.)Lucky Star/HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA crossover [Konata's dad takes Konata and her friends on a camping trip. Going out into the woods to gather sticks for firewood, Konata & Tsukasa fall down a sinkhole and into a cave. While wondering through the cave to look for a way out, the two stumble across something in the ground. Digging it free, they soon realize it was a tome and meet Histore who grant them 1/10 of the CPU power from the HDN True ending. Quickly explaining to them the world she originated from, she tasks them into finding two others to become the CPU's of Leanbox and Lastation. Can these two find these new CPUs in time to bring order back to a war torn world by man and keep there own world safe from the return of Arfoire? [Konata's CPU form will be called Blue Heart and Tsukasa's will be called (Insert color here) Heart. Their looks are up to you.]

5.)Black Rock Shooter/Daily Life with a Monster Girl crossover [Everyone's favorite Ogre Armed wielding Loli "Strength" during a scrimmage match between her and one of the "Others" somehow gets sent through a Rift into the "Real World" only to be found by the members of "MON". How will Strength's human friends react when they find her one day at one of their doorsteps alongside her Coordinator Miss Smith? (While this idea is mostly about Strength trying to readjust to the "Real World" alongside of the idea of "Extra Species" existing... You are more than welcome to include another Otherself into the mix.]

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